Best Places for EcoTourism in Summer 2016

Ecotourism isn’t just a buzzword anymore. Vacation seekers are flocking to destinations that help them get back to nature. As the industry has evolved, the accommodations are reaching a 5-star level, the food is gourmet, and the rest and relaxation rival that of resorts now.

Here are 5 ecotourism destinations you’re not going to want to pass up the chance to visit in 2016.


Kenya tops a lot of lists, and it’s easy to see why. Safari. And lots of it.  If you’ve wanted to mingle with lions, elephants, and giraffes, Kenya is your kind of destination.

What most people don’t know about Kenya, is that it’s filled with a diverse landscape, from mountains and rivers to lakes and forests. People often look at Africa as hot and dry, and although there’s plenty of that, Kenya offers so much more. Check out this list of 10 cool destinations in Kenya.

New Zealand

New Zealand is arguably the top adventure destination in the world. Want to bungee jump in the mountains? Kayak around the oceanfront? White water raft in raging rivers? Hike and camp among gorgeous natural settings? New Zealand has a LOT to offer.

The best part about New Zealand is that it’s still a first world country. That means you can get the best out of ecotourism while staying in a comfy hotel with all the amenities you’re used to. You can check out all the island has to offer, while enjoying the nightlife of the city. IF you’re there, we recommend checking out these 5 bars to grab a drink in Queensland.


If you’ve ever read the essential guide to happiness, the Maldives check off quite a few things. It’s tropical, it’s beautiful, and nearly every resort is on its own island. If you’re looking for a mix of natural exploration and a tropical resort vibe, this country is for you.

The Maldives is a nation of islands, and each resort isn’t on its own island because they’re greedy – it’s all part of the ecotourism they promote. No island can have more than 20% of its land developed, which often means only one resort per island. They’re also sustainable. Their marine protection, especially in tourism areas, is second to none. If you want to get up close and personal with aquatic life, check out the Maldives.

Costa Rica

One of the reasons Costa Rica has become a top ecotourism destination is the location. Its proximity to the United States and Canada has made it an extremely easy and exotic destination to travel to. It also doesn’t hurt that your dollar goes further here than in your home country.

Famous for its cloud forests and sandy beaches, Costa Rica has done a lot to protect its natural beauty and make it the perfect destination for those looking to get a taste of adventure and relaxation. It’s a lot more than just a rainforest country – It’s extremely biodiverse and has some of the most spectacular national parks of any nation on earth.


Iceland has often overlooked lists of ecotourism hot spots – maybe because it’s usually cold. However, the cold is what makes it unique. If you’re looking to take in some of the most scenic rock and ice formations, waterfalls and natural springs – Iceland has it all.

Iceland is great for the adventurer as well. Plenty of ice climbing, glacier exploring, and hot springs action make it a solid choice for those that like to push themselves to the limits in nature. Many parts of Iceland are baron, creating vistas you just can’t see anywhere else on the globe. Bring a warm jacket, and you won’t regret the vast ecotourism offerings of Iceland.

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