The Top 5 Bars in Queenstown New Zealand

During my semester abroad in Australia, I was able to travel to Queenstown, New Zealand for a week during my spring break. While our days were filled with many breathtaking and stunning tours of the country, our nights were replete with all the best bars that Queenstown had to offer. This five list of bars are comprised of some of my favorite bars I was able to go to and some that the local Kiwis (New Zealanders) recommended! 

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1. Cowboys

This bar was my favorite bar I went to in Queenstown! With saddles as seats, a pool table, and a mechanical bull, you can never have a dull moment there! They even have a section of the bar with comfy couches and a fireplace if you want to escape the noise and the crowds.

2. World Bar

Known for their famous teacups, World Bar was the next best place to party at! With a bar area and a dance floor, this place attracts locals and tourists alike. On one hand, World Bar is great for the start of the night since their teacups are such a big hit, however, it is also the place to the end the night with a fun and crazy dance floor! (

3. The Boiler Room:

This particular bar came highly recommended by the locals. It is one of Queenstown’s most appealing cocktail bars, known for an outdoor deck which hosts a beautiful view during the summery season and an indoor fire during the winter. (

4. Winnies

If you are looking for a fun and wild night out with friends, this bar is the place to go to. My friends and I really enjoyed coming here because of the live music (whether it was from live bands or DJs), which was always good for dancing. It also has a cool atmosphere because tourists and locals alike frequent Winnies as well. The bar area can be a place to mingle and chill at while on the other hand; the nightclub area is perfect for dancing the night away! (

5. Tardis

Lastly, another bar that came recommended by the locals; Tardis focuses on bringing great music and a cool vibe to its crowd. Most of the people that frequent Tardis, are the Kiwis themselves but there are a few things about this bar, that have also caught tourists eyes. For instance, the name is a Dr. Who reference and Tardis merchandise is available for the fans, the American hot dogs sold here are famous, and the hip dance and drink hangout vibe is something that Tardis is known for as well. (


After a night of partying and bar hopping in Queenstown, the best place to end the night at is Fergburger! This restaurant specializes in gourmet burgers and are internationally known despite not being a chain and only having one location. I can speak from experience that this place has some of the best burgers in the world. No trip to New Zealand is complete without at least one stop there! (

About the Author

Amanda Trikas is a senior Public Relations major at Quinnipiac University. This is her second guest blog post for Travefy.

Editors Note: The legal drinking age in New Zealand is 18