Road Trip Itinerary: The Best Of Northeast USA

Getting ready for summertime, we are revisiting all the best road trip itineraries in North America. This time, let’s take on an epic road trip along the i-95 ( for the most part) from Boston to D.C.

This road trip itinerary reveals the best of Northeast USA, from the glittering nightlife of the Big Apple to the iconic landmarks of colonial America.

The highlights and attractions on this road trip along the East Coast include beaches, harbors, malls, and lots of casinos and clubbing. Hop in!


It makes sense to start this Northeast USA road trip in Boston, a city of historical significance with an ever-evolving pop culture. It would take you at least a day to enjoy all that it has to offer.

The Hub is beautiful from afar with its distinctive colonial architecture and red-brick roads. Stroll Copley Square, walk in the footsteps of Paul Revere past more than 15 historic sites, or enjoy the scenic view of the Boston Harbor islands.

Boston is also strikingly intriguing up close, with its booming college life and its fun attractions that range from the Harvard Square bookstores and street scene to the museums to the Irish pubs.

Cape Cod / Newport Beach

To bridge the 220-mile gap between Boston and New York City, you could make a detour inland via Woodstock or you could follow the scenic coast to discover two marvels of the New England shores.

Cape Cod is a must-see beach destination in Northeast USA that boils with activities and visitors from June up to Labor Day — the unofficial end of summer. Cape Cod has numerous bike trails to hike which will take you to noteworthy local attractions. Check out the lighthouses, browse the art galleries before setting sail for a sea adventure.

Newport Beach is 1h30m away from Cape Cod. It is another classic shore vacation spot. Highlights include historic sites like coastal forts and lighthouses but you will want to spend the bulk of your time exploring — and taking in — the beautiful coastline and its beautiful mansions on a yacht cruise.

New York City

Spending a day or two (or frankly more) in NYC is inevitable. There is so much to see and do in the Big Apple, you will probably won’t know where to start or when to stop.

Since you are breezing through, stick to the classics. Take a selfie in front of every iconic landmark, explore the city on a citibike, and try a New-York-style pizza.

In the evening, walk the Museum Mile before barcrawling the Lower East Side. If you still stand, go take a guitar lesson with Dan Smith. Looking for inspiration? Here are 7 unique things you can only do in NYC.

Atlantic City

Before heading out to Philly, go visit the Jersey Shore and the capital city of fun in Northeast USA.

The Jersey Shore is famous for its food and music scenes as well as the oceanfront attractions and venues between Sandy Hook and Cape May.

Atlantic City strived after Sandy to regain its past luster. Visit and you will see that most of its iconic landmarks stood up to the Hurricane. The Historic Boardwalk and its Art Deco facade are still must-see attractions just like the casinos and nightlife still attract East Coasters on a weekend getaway.


Philadelphia has a rich heritage with some of the most important monuments of early American colonial history. Of course, you must take the time to visit the Betsy Ross House, the Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell.

But there is so much more to the City of Brotherly Love. Among the must-do activities, taste an authentic Philly cheesesteak and tour the impressive Philadelphia Museum of Art. For even more fun, take an epic photo in the Love Park in front of the “LOVE” statue, and check out the eery medical oddities of the Mutter Museum. Spooks guaranteed!

The 2015 PGA Professional National Championship will take place at the Philadelphia Cricket Club from June 28 to July 1. That alone is a fantastic reason to stop by.


Baltimore is about 100 miles from Philadelphia via i-95 S, and it is a haven for art lovers, history buffs, and foodies alike. Baltimore is a city best explored on foot so be sure to pack a good pair of comfortable runners.

Among the top free things you will want to do, stroll down Federal Hill Park and take in the most scenic views of the Baltimore skyline. Art enthusiasts will then want to tour the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Walters Art Museum.

Of course, history buffs will enjoy the walk along the Inner Harbor while foodies will choose to sit in a historic restaurant to sample the crab cakes, a local favorite.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. would be a fitting final destination for your Northeast USA roadtrip. It is one of the best historic and family-vacation destinations in the country.

The nation’s capital is famous for its many sobering memorials, marbled monuments, and Smithsonian museums. Stroll the National Park making stops by the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam and Korean War Veterans Memorials.

We were told that to truly experience Washington like a local, one must seek their teeth into half smokes — said to be the local signature dish.

Why stop in Washington D.C.? You could keep on follow the coast down to Virginia Beach and on to Florida‘s top cities and attractions.

What do you think of this road trip itinerary? Did we miss your favorite pit stops?  Tell us all about it in the comments and on social media.