Travel Hacks: Best IFTTT Recipes For Travelers

For the occasional vacationer, internet is for leisure — for social media updates, sharing vacation photos, or watching videos during layovers. For the seasoned traveler, internet is crucial — for staying connected with loved ones, mapping surroundings, and keep important documents safe, etc.

Sadly, finding a good connection can be a challenge on its own, even with the best tips for discovering WiFi hotspots. So instead of wasting your travel time looking for a connection good enough to work, make the internet work for you — even without a fast internet.

If you haven’t heard about IFTTT — If This Than That — then you might be missing on a great travel tool. The idea behind it is that you can set up recipes — things that happen automatically once a particular action is triggered — and you let things happen.

Below, we put together some of the best recipes for globetrotters, backpackers, and people who spends their life on the road. 

1. Find Quality Travel Bags Easily

Etsy is known to be the place to find crafted and vintage goods. If you are looking for a quality travel bag but don’t have the time or the skills to find the hidden gem, just link Etsy to your email account via IFTTT and you will get notified every time a quality vintage bag is up for sale.

2. Get Craigslist Notifications To Your Email

Is there anything you can’t find on Craigslist? Backpackers and budget travelers have mastered search on the site, for anything, from RVs to camping equipments, etc. However it is not the easiest thing to keep up with new postings. That is when this IFTTT recipe comes in handy, by sending new postings about searches you are interested in directly to your inbox.

3. Tell Facebook Friends You Landed Safely

First thing most of us do when we land is to turn our phones on — or at least turn off the airplane mode. With that simple action, your family and friends will be notified of where you are, and be totally jealous about it. This recipe links JetSetMe to Facebook.

4. Map Your Foursquare Check-ins

It is important to let family members know when you are in your travels. Of course you could brag about it on Facebook or you could map it down. You could do it easily by adding your Foursquare check-ins to Google Maps, using the Google Spreadsheets channel.

5. Snap Receipts And Important Documents

Securing travel documents is important. Oftentimes, all it takes is to make backup copies and store them in the cloud — be it Google Drive, Box, DropBox, and such.

Other things you want to keep records of are travel expenses, especially receipts. This IFTTT recipe will add every photo you take to Evernote. Variants will let you save photos directly to a cloud drive.

6. Download Facebook Photos To Dropbox

You know you are a backpacker when your Facebook feed is an enumeration of all the people you just became friends with during your travels. Often your new friends will tag you in their photos. With this IFTTT recipe, every photo you are tagged in will be effortlessly saved to your Dropbox… for you.

7. Get Missed Calls Via Email

Whether you are going for a while or just don’t do voicemail, you can make sure you get all your missed calls logged and sent to you via email. This IFTTT recipe is perfect for travelers who want to stay connected without the expensive roaming fees.

Browsing IFTTT’s immense database, you will find similar recipes that uses your favorite social media, merchant sites, or phone operating system. You could even make your own automation without too much efforts. What is your favorite IFTTT recipe for travel?

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