7 WiFi Hacks for the Everyday Traveler

Hello Monday! New week, new hopes, and a new page of our ongoing series of the best travel tips on the web. In case you missed our two other posts, go back and read them. They will help you improve your packing and booking skills. This time, let’s look at some simple WiFi hacks (all legal!) to stay connected on the go… almost.

1. Do your homework

Get geared! Code crackers will get you into trouble faster than free WiFi. Instead, there are much better tools that you could rely on; such as hotspot databases. Check out WeFi. It is available on Android, iPhone and as a web app. You can search for known spots in your destination even before you leave.

2. Get geared

No to crackers, yes to sniffers. Enhance the signal detection of your gadgets to find and have detailed info about available sources near you. It would take a whole post to tackle the subject. Luckily, LifeHacker has an excellent guide to finding free WiFi. Check it out.

3. Google Maps offline

Even if you turn your mobile into a signal magnet, this WiFi hack will cover your back. Navigate “off the grid” with Google Maps. Say or type “OK Maps” in the search area and the map on your screen will download, for you to view once on the road; without need for connection.

4. FourSquare for WiFi hacking?

Do you pay attention to FourSquare comment section? You should. It is a gold mine for helpful reviews, sure, but other useful info too, like hotel and restaurant passwords. Don’t forget to thank that person who shared!

5. Get coupon codes

This is where planning makes a difference. If you search early enough, you will find coupons and rebates for WiFi access on the go. Look on RetailMeNot and such sites for vouchers. If you are in a hotel or at an airport, look at local shops, you never know…

6. The fewer the merrier

Ever seen a bunch of flyers in a terminal all hooked on their machines while waiting for boarding time? Of course, you had. But don’t do that. Be the one who ditches the herd and find a quiet terminal for connection. The less people are cluttering the router, the more bandwidth will be available for you. Of course, there has to be free WiFi first, and we see less of that these days.

7. What’s your name, agent?

We kept the best for last. This last one is a WiFi hack for cheap inflight connection. The fact is that internet fee in a plane depends on the device you use to connect. Mobile and small devices are cheaper than laptops. So, you will have to turn your laptop into a phone for this trick. How? Read all about that here!

We can only hope these little WiFi tricks will come in handy during your next travel, help you stay connected to your loved ones while keeping those dreaded roaming fees at bay. What is your favorite WiFi hack?