Top 5 Cheap Travel Destinations For Backpackers

There is no such thing as a cheap travel, they say. Still, tell me the top dream cities on your travel bucket list, and I’ll tell you if you need to save a whole year to get there. You wouldn’t believe how many gorgeous places can be cheap travel destinations. Even the most popular travel destinations can be paradises for backpackers. This means that you do not have to break the piggy banks to enjoy the same living standards as the world’s wealthiest.

Research firms, travel sites and tourism boards, each year, try to find out the top travel deals for bargain hunters. Among these are the best cities to visit relative to the cost of living. While Oslo, London, and Geneva come out as overpriced, here are the top 5 cheapest travel cities to visit on each continent.

1. Chiang Mai – Thailand

Thailand is a rich cultural destination on top of many traveler’s bucket list. Who doesn’t want to visit the scenic Phang Nga bay or Wat Arun temple?

Chang Mai is a cheap travel destination to set base in Thailand. It is the second most populous and culturally-significant Thai city – behind Bangkok. From there, it is easy to launch expedition to other parts of the country.

There is much to do in Chiang Mai itself. Visit Chiang Mai zoo or go on a night safari. Awe at the magnificence of the Wat Chedi Luang monument or the Doi Suthep Mountain. You could even treat yourself to a dinner for two complete with wine, cocktail, and four-star hotel stay, and still spend less than $100.

2. Prague – Czech Republic

From the outside, Prague can be intimidating. Just look at the luxurious hotels, big brand stores, and the vibrant clubs. Prague has century-old buildings with rich decorations inside out. Still most of these come without the huge price tag. A night out complete with four-star hotel, three-plate meal for two plus cocktails is way under $200.

Visit the Prague Castle, the U Medviku Beer Hall, or stroll the Charles Bridge. There is much to see or do under the $100 in the most luxurious cheap travel destination in Europe.

3. Cape Town – South Africa

If you plan to spend your time locked up in a resort, go to Sun City. If you want the fake adventure of a staged safari, you will find plenty of that in Kenya and Tanzania.

Cape Town is for those who want to see the modern yet authentic Africa. The Mother City balances tradition and modernism, mountain attractions and beach. Accommodations in Cape Town range from $15 to more than $400 per night, which makes it a travel destinations for all budgets.

4. Dominican Republic

The Caribbean is not known for being a cheap travel destination. Still in its pricey waters, The Dominican Republic stand out as a top value destination.

The Dominican Republic’s excellent yet affordable beach retreats attract all sorts of crowds. Punta Cana’s lively party scene delights fun-loving travelers. If you want quiet and relaxation, head to the beachfront cabanas of the Southwest. Here is a selection of budget hotels way under $100.

5. Mexico City – Mexico

In Northern America, it is hard to find a travel bargain more interesting that D.F. It is the oldest capital city in the Americas and the world’s biggest Spanish-speaking city. Indeed Mexico City is huge and diverse, from the attractions to the accommodations.

While five-star hotels can be quite over-the-edge and out of price, it is a paradise for backpackers. You can find great hostels with great value, just minutes away from the Zocalo and the main attractions.

The abundance of ‘cantinas’, street stalls, and taco shops mean that you can sample excellent foods and great beers and cocktails for almost nothing.

Here are the top 5 cities you will want to visit in 2015. As long as you find a cheap airfare to get there, you will have no troubles living well even on a budget. What destinations are you planning to visit in 2015?