7 Must-See Places in the Quebec Area

If Quebec City is a wonderful city set outside of time, it’s because it’s in a region that is as atypical as it is picturesque. The world recognizes the uniqueness of the Quebec province — though some may make fun of their die hard adherence to French, most admire their authenticity.

As a traveler, you should visit Quebec for the kindness of the locals and for its scenic landscapes. Here is a quick overview of the amazing places to see and visit in Quebec.

1. Old Quebec

If you haven’t read last week’s blog post on Quebec City and the hidden gems in Old Quebec, now is the time. Old Quebec has some of the oldest and best preserved landmarks in North America. For instance, it is the only place north of Mexico you can find an authentic fortified town.

2. Montmorency Falls Park

Located just 20 minutes from the heart of Old Quebec, you will find the Montmorency Falls. Taller than the Niagara Falls by 100 feet, this landmark dominates its surroundings.

The park itself is beautiful, and hosts events year round — but go for the falls. You can get up there by aerial tram or the staircases of the Montmorency Manor. Once you’re up there, venture across using the suspension bridge — it’s a great vantage point for breathtaking photos.

3. Wendake

10 miles away from Quebec City, don’t miss on your chance to dive into the native culture. This Huron-Wendat reserve has a wealth of knowledge on the life and times of one of the original Seven Nations of Canada. Discover first-hand their native clothes, foods, and habits in a fun and interactive way.

4. Kabir Kouba Waterfalls

Your exploration into native culture would not be complete without a visit to the Kabir Kouba Waterfall and Cliff Park. The area is worth exploring not only for the 90-feet tall waterfall, but also for its spiritual significance, as it features in many local legends and myths. Plus, it sits in a beautiful canyon with rich flora and fauna just begging to wow visitors.

5. Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine

A “place of miracles” for some and an architectural beauty for all, this place is worth visiting when in Quebec. The three century old sanctuary is North America’s oldest pilgrimage site. More than that, it is the place to admire golden statues, fabulous tainted windows, and other priceless relics.

6. Ile d’Orleans

East of Quebec City in the middle of the St Laurent, find a quaint little community stuck in the 19th century, where you can visit historic buildings and heritage homes. Above all, the island attracts tourists as the “garden of Quebec“. It produces — among other things — quality wines and maple syrup. Also, Ile d’Orleans is a preferred vantage point onto the Montmorency Falls and the St Laurent River itself.

7. Massif de Charlevoix

If you truly want to get away from the city and the little towns, head toward the mountains. The Massif is the place to give into mountain activities and sightseeing. During the warmer days, you will want to try rail cruising to discover the scenic surroundings by train. Otherwise, the mountain offers some incredible slopes that are perfect for skiing.

Now let’s hear from you — which other places do you think are a must-see in the Quebec area? Which would you add or remove from this list? Let’s hear it in the comment box below.