The Top 9 Places to Visit in Quebec City

How good is your French? Toronto, Vancouver and, Montreal might be popular Canadian destinations, Quebec City is unique. This French bastion harmoniously blends the old and the new to offer visitors an experience set out of time. Should you decide to visit –and you must, here are the essential places you just can’t miss.

1. The ramparts of Old Quebec

Cannons, loopholes and high walls: there is something unsettling about a citadel in the middle of Quebec City. The defense line around the Old Quebec is 3-mile long, star-shaped, and unique. In fact, it is the last of its kind in North America. History buffs will have an idea of life under French and English domination. There are guided tours, a museum and a park to explore

2. Vieux Quebec

Enter the Old Quebec to understand why the old city is a UNESCO world heritage site. Street entertainment, old shops, and horse-drawn carriages: Vieux Quebec exists out of time. The friendly atmosphere and classic architecture contribute to its European charm. Be sure to visit the Château Frontenac -a modern resort located in a luxurious castle – for a panoramic view of the city and the river.

3. Quebec City’s Funicular

Original way to join the Upper Town and the Lower Town, the funicular will keep you away from the dreaded Breakneck steps. Foremost, the funicular is a fantastic vantage point to gaze onto Quebec City’s skyline and the St Laurent River.

4. Petit Champlain District

Now a neighborhood, the district has kept its historical look of an old riverside village. Come stroll the cobblestone streets and awe at a century-old architecture. The Petit Champlain is the keeper of Quebec City’s 400-year-old culture, as illustrated in the Petit Champlain mural.

5. Place Royale

This is where the North American French civilization started. Place Royale has the largest collection of historical buildings in North America; some dating back to the 16th century. While you visit, do not miss the immense Fresque des Quebecois mural, and the many museums.

Regardless of their historical appeal, Place Royale or Petit Champlain are picture-perfect. The boutiques, restaurants, and cafés leave all visitors absolutely delighted.

6. Vieux Port

The St Laurent River is a popular attraction, and a great place to enjoy it is at the Old Port. Old only by name, this is the docking place for many cruise ships and the spot for other water activities. Locals and tourists alike come to relax in the , restaurants and in the sidewalk cafés.

7. Cathedral-Basilica Notre Dame de Quebec

You must visit the basilica to see its “holy door“; the seventh in the world and only one outside of Europe. It was recently constructed to celebrate the 350 years of Notre Dame. Classified as historic site in 1961, the church is the oldest of North America and the first basilica in the region.

8. Mega-Parc Amusement Park

If you want to get away from the historic sites and the Old Quebec, the Mega Parc is the place for you. This large modern amusement park is open year-round. There are many attractions for the whole family, including a mini-golf course and an ice-ring.

9. Quebec City Hockey Game

It would be a shame to make it to Canada and not attend a hockey game. Hockey is the favorite sports in the country and the Remparts of Quebec City have a strong fan base. No doubt the atmosphere over the ice must be boiling hot!

Wow. We announced 9 places and ended visiting 12. That is because there is so much to do and see in Quebec City for all tastes and ages. Below is our itinerary of Quebec City. Click on the link to edit the itinerary, adding all the hotels, restaurants and cafés you wish, then share it with your friends. It might just be the first step to a journey to Quebec City.

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