5 Amazing Blue Holes Around the World

Life is full of marvels. Just yesterday, we showed you great places around the world that glow in the dark. Today, let’s talk about aquatic wonders: blue holes.

Blue holes are deep, underwater sinkholes found in shallow coastal areas. Their dark blue colors contrast with the surrounding waters. Seen from above, these vertical caves are like dots in the middle of the most scenic coastal landscapes in the world.

To inspire your travel plans, let’s dive into the 5 most remarkable blue holes around the world.

Pozzo del Merro – Italy

The Pozzo del Merro blue hole is the deepest in the world with a depth at more than 1,200 feet. Located in a protected area near Rome, not only is it a world monument but also a preferred scuba diving spot.

Dean’s Blue Hole – Bahamas

The Dean’s blue hole is the world’s deepest sinkhole with a sunken entrance. 600 feet deep, it is perfect for an underwater exploration of the nearby coves and caverns in the bay. Be ready to awe at powder-white sandy beaches, tropical fish, a rich aquatic fauna, all set in a paradise on Earth.

Dahab’s Blue Hole – Egypt

This spectacular submarine chamber is on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea. It is also notorious to be the “world’s most dangerous diving site”. Accidents happen when divers miss the concealed underwater entrance known as “the Arch” and dive too deep. This infamous blue hole has claimed more than 150 souls in the last decade, earning it the sobriquet of “divers’ cemetery”.

Great Blue Hole – Belize

In this list of superlatives, the Great Blue Hole claims the title of world’s largest blue hole. In fact, the entrance, surrounded by a coral reef, has a diameter close to 980 feet. This concavity is a world-class destination for recreational diving. The turquoise-blue water is inviting and shelters an outstanding marine life.

The Blue Caves – Croatia

Only accessible by boat,  (Blue Caves) is a 115-ft. deep cove with an emerged entrance. Because it is not too deep, it is better lit by the sun and easier for recreational diving. This blue hole is located on the Korcula, one of Croatia’s biggest and most beautiful islands.

What is your favorite blue hole, and diving spot in the world?