5 Picture-Perfect Places that Glow in the Dark

Which traveler is insensitive to the beauty of this brave world? We all seek picturesque spots and places that stand out when we travel. Some find happiness on a tropical beach, others in world-class amenities. We found ours in places that glow in the dark. Due to bio-luminescence, intense heat, or light reflection, these sights are out of world.

1. Blue Grotto – Italy

Capri is a place of fantastic beauty; these submerged caves are the perfect illustrations. Deeper you go, the more the outside light comes in from underwater for an amazing glow in the dark caves.

2. Northern Lights – Canada

Closer one gets to the magnetic poles, greater are the chances to spot an aurora borealis. This natural wonder casts a multicolored glow in the dark Canadian skies. Many travelers visit not only Canada or Yukon, but also Scandinavia, hoping for a glimpse.

3. Waitomo Cave – New Zealand

Second grotto on our list, the Waitomo Caves are just as scenic as the Blue Grotto. Only here, the glow in the dark comes from glow worms. They stick to the walls of the cave, emitting light to attract preys. For visitors, the sight is picture-perfect.

4. Great Smoky Mountains – TN, USA

Synchronous fireflies are just one among the 19 species in Tennessee. Yet, they stand out for their ability to match their flashing light patterns during their mating ritual. This light show takes place in early June in the forests of the Elkmont area. The sight is absolutely breathtaking and attracts a large crowds.

5. Toyama Bay – Japan

When we think bio luminescence at sea, travelers think of the phytoplankton in the Maldives’ Sea of Stars. But there is a similar phenomenon that adds a neon blue glow in the dark waters of the bay at night. Only this is due to the tiny firefly squid during its mating season (March to June). If you are looking for a romantic destination this spring, you know where to go.

Indeed, nature is wonderful in many ways. We could have also added to this list, the rare glowing mushrooms of the Amazon rainforests, or the active volcano of Kilauea. What other enchanting places in the world you know that glow in the dark?