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Nomadic couples might find that their traveling lifestyle stops they have children. That wasn’t the case for Caz and Craig Makepeace of y Travel Blog. This Aussie couple went on a five-year honeymoon after marriage. They embraced their travels even more when their daughters – Kalyra and Savannah – came along. In fact, they’re embarking on a one-year roadtrip around their home country soon. Caz, the matriarch of this traveling family, who writes all about their trips around the world on their blog, chatted with us about group travel – family style.

Tell us about one experience of your world travels as a family?

One of our best experiences was visiting a village in Vanuatu. We were greeted warrior style with the men surrounding us, spears drawn and fierce battle cries yelled. Our girls didn’t know what to make of it and were fascinated more than frightened. We walked through the village and learned so much about their traditions and way of life. My girls loved it. The most beautiful experience was at the end when the small granddaughter of the chief befriended our year old daughter. It was such a precious interaction that touched the hearts of everyone there. You can read about it here.

Where do you think would be the ideal destination for groups (families) to travel to and why?

At the moment we are all about Australia. We are taking 1-2 years to road trip around OZ this September. Although Australia is expensive, we think it is a wonderful destination for families. There is so much to do and see here and Australia is such a diverse country and culture. There is plenty of time for relaxed beach life, getting out in nature, exploring the cities and then having unique experiences like the outback and the Great Barrier Reef.

I also think South East Asia is a great destination. It’s cheap, the locals love children, its relaxed and such a great cultural education for everyone. Here are our tips for traveling to Thailand with kids.

What is one tip you have to traveling with other people?

You have to be flexible and willing to give and take. It’s best that you travel with someone who has similar interests to you. Always make sure you are experiencing activities that each person wants to do. If need be schedule in those alone times so you can have space to breathe or do the things you want to do but the other parties may not. Also bring your sense of humour with you, it’s best you laugh at those things that annoy you about other people, rather than getting upset over it.

Who is a random person you’d like to go on a trip with? Why him or her, where would you go and what would you do? Famous, real, dead or alive, it can be absolutely anyone.

I would love to have Nelson Mandela show me his beautiful country and what made him love it so much to withstand all he did and at the end of it forgive and ask for unity. I think he could teach me so much. (I have been to South Africa and love it beyond words, but to see it through Madiba’s eyes would be life changing)

What is one annoyance you have with traveling with other people?

I am super laid back and someone who lives from the moment and goes with the flow. I can get a little annoyed when I travel with hyper organized and fussy people who complain a lot. Just take a chill pill and soak in the surroundings!!

Thanks for speaking with us Caz!

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