10 Things To Do In Las Vegas With Friends

Las Vegas is definitely one of those locations best visited with friends. Not only will your money go further with more people pitching in, but you’ll also have a lot more fun sharing those wild Vegas nights with people you know. Remember to keep all those “only in Vegas” stories within the group after leaving and make sure to try these activities on your next trip to the city with friends.

10. Get a cabana

When the weather heats up in Sin City, it’s impossible to find anywhere to lounge by the pool area at resorts like Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Mandalay Bay. With a few people putting in money, renting a cabana can be quite affordable. This shaded mirage to hang out is usually serviced by wait staff and will have you looking like a high roller.

9. Book a suite or villa

Speaking of high rollers, nothing says it like spending your Vegas vacation in a suite or villa. Again this is something that’s pricey for those traveling alone or with a partner, but divided among a group, it’s manageable. This will make for more of a living area in the room and maybe even space for after parties. Las Vegas suites and villas can come with everything from billiard rooms with fire places to patios with pools and 24-hour butler service. Look into Crib Suite at Palms or Luxury Villas at Bellagio for inspiration.

8. Gamble in teams

You know that classic Vegas scene, where a gambler is on a roll at the craps table and has tens of people behind cheering him or her on as he throws the die? With a few good friends at hand, all you need is a lucky streak to recreate this. Instead of separating as soon as you hit the casino floor, hit each table as a team. Enjoy free drinks when your not the one gambling.

7. See a show

Vegas entertainment is interesting enough without a group to share it with, but much more fun with one. Shows like Absinthe and The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil are even better with a friends to laugh along with you. Plus, most offer group rates. Grab a seat with all your friends, sit back and watch the show.

6. Eat family style

Restaurants like Sage at Aria and Terzetto at The M Resort can cater to groups. Sharing meals, passing around dishes and talking across the table about how much you loved the Iberico Pork will make this restaurant gathering much more than a meal. Not to mention, it makes dividing up the bill much easier.

5. Taste wine

Wine has an amazing way of bringing friends together anywhere in the world. Las Vegas offers a few different wine tasting experiences from a wine tour social on the Strip with Vegas Wine Tours to a limo trip out to Pahrump Valley Winery with Presidential Limousine.

4. Hit the road out of Las Vegas with friends

Speaking of getting out of the city, don’t visit Las Vegas without doing just that. There is so much beauty surrounding the city and plenty of activities worth hitting the road to see. Whether you rent a car with your friends or go on a tour, make sure you look into visiting places like Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

3. Unwind at the spa

With all the excitement surrounding Las Vegas day and night life, it be ideal to spend at least one day relaxing. Places like Encore Spa at the Wynn and QUA Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace offer services to be shared the group as well as lounges and spa facilities to retreat to with friends.

2. Shop around the world

Almost every hotel and casino in this city boasts a long list of stores. Shopping in Las Vegas isn’t just about the store though, it’s about the decor. Escape to the Grand Canals at the Venetian to buy a dress or suite for your family style dinner while watching gondolas pass you by or Le Boulevard at Paris for shoe-shopping like the French. Regardless, your friends will be there to give you their honest opinion.

1. Pop bottles at the club

Reserving a table or ordering bottle service will not only give you a space to retreat to at Vegas’s wildest clubs, it might be the only thing that gets you in. If everyone is celebrating with champagne or vodka, it just makes sense to buy by the bottle, right? Spend your bottle service nights at exclusive clubs like Marquee at The Cosmopolitan and Rain at Palms Casino and Resort.

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