Thanksgiving Day Festivities Guide

Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching, many people will be planning trips to see friends and relatives both close to home and across the country. There are so many traditions that families have during the holiday season. On Thanksgiving, there are numerous events all over the world where millions of people are either attending or watching on TV. So before you sit down with your family and take that first bite of turkey, get out and enjoy those fun filled events. If you are one of those that is up for a little excitement on Thanksgiving, here are a few of the biggest and best Thanksgiving Day events:

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade:

This is easily one of the oldest and most popular parades in the United States. This parade takes place in New York and the floats pass through Times Square. They actually used to use real animals from the Central Park Zoo, but the biggest and brightest balloons replaced those. The day before the parade, spectators can watch the balloons being filled up. There are millions of people that surround the streets to get a close up of the balloons, marching bands, and popular music artist. If you are anywhere near the Manhattan area around Thanksgiving then going to the Macy’s parade is a must.

McDonalds Thanksgiving Day Parade

Teddy Turkey is the mascot for the annual parade since his first appearance in 2009. It takes place in Chicago and is “Chicago’s Grand Holiday Tradition”. This parade is the second oldest in the United States. There are thousands of entertainers such as Ronald McDonald and some of his friends, but the most important star of the parade is of course Santa Claus. There are close to 400,00 people that line the streets of Chicago to witness these early morning festivities.

Sporting Traditions:

As soon as you get done with that Thanksgiving dinner, it will be perfect timing to enjoy watching some football. The series of football games hosted by the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have been a holiday tradition since 1920. They start off the day with tailgate parties and the football games are filled with celebrity performers. These games will please any football fan.

A lot of families have a Thanksgiving Day tradition that they stick too, but here are a few activities in case you wanted to get out and enjoy any of these festivities.