Traveliving: Pros and Cons

Travelling is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. Everybody like discovering new places, dive into completely different cultures and experience fascinating journeys. But the reality is such that, being restricted by our working places, we only can devote a short period of time to travel. Feel upset about it? Then, it’s time to get acknowledged with the traveliving – a new lifestyle especially for those who want to travel and explore 365 days a week, not only on vacation.

A traveliver is usually someone who is feeling sick and tired about being in the same place the whole year and wants to turn the life into a constant adventure and holiday. Travelivers prefer exploring western Europe or the warm countries in Asia, such as Thailand and Malaysia. Yes, the idea of eternal summer is really inspiring. But what to do when it comes to earning your living? – You may ask. The majority of travelivers get their money working as freelancers. They may be translators, web-designers, professional bloggers or find any other occupation that does not require a presence in the office. Really, any kind of internet business will do. Some of such travelers decide to open a real business, but it will need your constant presence in the concrete place and makes it harder to embody the idea of permanent travel.

Feeling interested? There are lots of way to join even Facebook groups like the Traveliving Lifestyle Blog.  They offer useful tips and advice for those who looks for guide and cheap destinations. You will also find there the hot lists of the things you may need in the road and advice on where to go when you’re in particular places.

Traveliving may be an outstanding experience, but for those who think about living this way for a long time, it’s a good idea to consider all pros and cons of it.

The Pros

For instance, talking about the advantages of traveling, it’s needed to list the following:

  1. A complete freedom. You’re not restricted in one area, and your location is determined only by your money and desire.
  2. A mild climate. If you have health problems, you are free to find the climate that fits best for your physical condition.
  3. A spirit of adventure. If the measured life is not for you, then nothing will bring you more joy than the traveliving.

The Cons

Uncertainty and risk. When you live in such an easy life, you’re not secure against illnesses, work problems, robbery etc. Of course, things like that may occur at home, but there you’re more protected.

Lack of usual comfort. Traveling is not the lifestyle that means living in a comfortable surrounding, especially if you go to wild places. The day can come when you’ll be missing a soft bed and other advantages of life in a big city.

Vagueness of future. While travelling, you live only today and usually don’t make the long-term strategies and plans.

So, the traveliving is a wonderful experience to try, but only a few of us can live this life for years. And, making the final decision, make sure that you considered everything!

About the Author

Paul Smith works as a staff writer for He is passionate about travelling and writing and loves to share his experience. This is his first guest blog post for Travefy. You can follow Paul at Google+.