Top 10 Secrets about London

Be amazed, as the secret and quirky side of London will just make you go crazy. This capital city is full of quirkiness and some best kept secrets that you must see on your trip to London.

Unlock these 10 secrets about London for your next vacation.

Hot Tub Cinema

Hot Tub Cinema is one of the most unusual experiences in the city. It is a luxurious event, which celebrates film in a fun and engaging way. You can buy whole tubs to enjoy with friends or can buy individual tickets to share with fellow tubers. This Hot Tub Cinema pops around in the city all round the year. During summers, they go on rooftops, with astounding views of the city. To keep the action alive, they move indoors during winters.

The Oldest Church in England

Established in 675 by Saxon Abbey, All Hallows-by-the-Tower is the oldest church in England. Between 11th and 15th century, this church was rebuilt several times. You will see a Crypt Museum in the Undercroft along with a brass-rubbing centre. This brass-rubbing centre is open daily, with a dedicated staff available to help you make your own rubbings. The entry is free, but you may pay for the rubbings.

Secret Hotels

Are you fond of a luxurious stay in London? But, high accommodation rates often make you think twice? Then may be is what you were looking for. Here you can choose from some of the best secret hotels London as per your requirements. Most hotels listed here offer best services and great hospitality within you budget. Choose from 4-star or 5-star hotels on this site and get best price quotes for your stay. The key behind this is the name is kept secret until you make final booking. Why spend more money just for the name.

The Seven Noses of Soho

Soho in Central London is home to some bizarre, odd, and strange artist’s noses. Sculpted on various Soho buildings like Tate Britain and National Gallery, these noses show the extraordinary side of London. It is a popular myth or belief, an individual who finds all seven noses of Soho, will find ultimate happiness and prosperity in life.

Hunterian Museum

It is a quirky museum inside The Royal College of Surgeons of England, where you can see thousands of medical instruments and specimens. Hunterian Museum has some of the oldest collections of zoological, pathological, and anatomical specimens in the UK. From pathological preparations to paintings, fossils, and drawings, you will be amazed to see the collections here. Some weird exhibits include 7ft 7in tall skeleton of ‘Irish giant’ Charles Byrne, the tooth of a megatherium, and Winston Churchill’s dentures.

Pepe’s Polka Dot House

It is a stylish, unique, and a bit controversial dotty building in London’s Notting Hill. Pepe’s Polka Dot House is a three-storey building, painted white with beautiful blue polka dots. Currently, this unusual building is home to Pepe Jeans Notting Hill store. This is also a favourite tourist hot spot to meet and hangout.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London

You will find more than 700 great artefacts and surprising exhibits spanning over six floors. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London is home to some of the weirdest, bizarre, quirky, and wonders right in the heart of West End. Just get prepared to be wowed by these unusual exhibits, ranging from an 8 ft transformer to a life-sized knitted Ferrari.

Garden Museum

Created in 1980, Garden Museum in South Bank captures what garden means to people. This is a beautiful little museum in the centre of city, celebrating garden history and cutting-edge urban design. In this green infrastructure, you will find a Garden Café, serving you best from Mother Nature. It has on display some of the finest garden tools and garden related artefacts. The garden is full of flowers and shrubs, surrounding St Mary’s graveyard and tombs.

Ceremony of Keys

Ceremony of Keys is a historic ritual that sees a series of gates locked up for night at Tower of London. This tradition is followed from past 700 years, previously to secure monarch, but now it is religiously followed to protect Crown Jewels and valuables from Royal family.

Secret Cinema

Every month, Secret Cinema in London puts on a film at a whacky location. What makes it interesting is you do not know what film is showing, when or where. Just buy a ticket and wait until last minute, when you will receive an email to go to a particular tube station at a particular time, wearing some fancy dress. From that tube, several clues will lead you to the venue.

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