A Tour of Girona, Spain

The province of Girona is a city of historic beauty located to the north of Spain along the Costa Brava. If you’re ever in Girona, or you’re thinking of traveling there, we prepared this tour of Girona for you!

1. Gironella Tower:  

This tower is located at the highest point of the Roman wall. It was a defense tower in the Middle Ages that served as a refuge for Jews during the attack of 1391.

2. Devesa Park: 

This park is the largest public park in Catalonia, and it is definitely one of the nicest as well. It’s very close to the city center and easily accessible on foot. It’s definitely worth exploring while you’re in Girona!

3. Museum of Jewish History: 

In this museum, you can learn all about the Jewish history of medieval Girona, from the 11th century until their expulsion in 1492. It contains eleven rooms that relate aspects of daily life to the culture and history of the Jews.

4. Museum of City History: 

This museum is located in the heart o the Old Town, and it looks at the history of the city of Girona, all the way back to the prehistoric settlers up until recent times. It’s a great place to learn about the great city of Girona.

5. The Arab Baths

A singular Romanesque construction inspired by Roman baths, its most outstanding elements include the entrance, which was used as a changing room and relaxation area and is covered with a barrel vault, and the cupola covering the central pool, which is supported by slim columns with ornately decorated capitals.

Have you ever visited Girona? What was your favorite thing to see? Comment below or tweet us @travefy!

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