5 Sights to See in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city in Thailand. There is so much to do and see in Bangkok, so visitors never have a shortage of sightseeing options. There are plenty of amazing restaurants, ancient temples, and notorious districts to keep all the travelers occupied.

Explore these 5 amazing sights to see in Bangkok!

1. Visit Buddha:

Check out the beauty of Buddhist temples! Bangkok’s temples are a unique part of the capital’s heart and soul. The architecture is breathtaking and the glittering decoration is so unique. Just imagine thousands of pieces of colored glass and pottery with intricate structures gilded in gold!

2. Visit the beach.

The water is clear and the sand is perfect. If you’re looking to relax on your trip to Bangkok, the beach is the perfect spot.

3.  Check out the flower market.

You can hop on a ferry to the Chao Phraya and see the amazing Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat). The market is blooming with tons of different colored flowers and fragrances. Flowers arrive in trucks from around the country.

4. Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club:

Since Bangkok is one of the hottest major cities in the world, you might want to cool down after sightseeing all day. The ice skating club is found on the fourth floor of Esplanade Mall. Sub-Zero provides a bit of cold weather for you. In the evenings, it turns into a night club, with DJs, music, and a performing team of figure skaters.

5. Rama IX Park:

This massive 200-acre park is the largest green space in the city and was built to celebrate the King’s 60th birthday in 1987. It is located on the outskirts of the city, and there are interesting sights to see in the park, such as the International Garden.

Have you ever been to Bangkok? What were your favorite things to see? Comment below or tweet us @travefy!

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