Beach Etiquette

Have you ever gone to the beach looking forward to a relaxing day, and then have it ruined by rude people on the beach? Not to ruin your fun, but there are some rules that should be followed at the beach. So, here’s some advice for what not to do on the beach this summer to ensure that you and your fellow beach bums have an enjoyable beach day.

1. Don’t shake your towel out near people!

It’s definitely not pleasant to have sand thrown all over you. It could get in someone’s eyes and really disturb their peaceful day.

2. Don’t play your music too loud.

I know you want to have a good time at the beach and listen to some music with your friends. But if you’re going to bring speakers, don’t play them too loud and disturb everyone around you. Some people like to read or sleep on the beach, and loud music is definitely a way to annoy those people.

3. Don’t smoke!

The beach is not your ashtray. A warm summer breeze can blow secondhand smoke into the faces and lungs of your fellow beach bums, and cigarette butts are harmful to the environment. No one wants to lay on a beach filled with cigarette butts in the sand. Not to mention, there are tons of little children that like to play on the sand in the beach. A lot of beaches even adopted smoking bans. Suggestion: go to the parking lot if you need to smoke.

4. Don’t ignore warnings.

If the lifeguard says not to swim in a certain area, he or she is not trying to ruin your fun, they’re just trying to help you stay safe. Warnings of strong currents and jellyfish are also not to be ignored. Most beaches have color coded flags to help you distinguish when and where you can swim. Don’t try and be a show-off by swimming in the dangerous ocean. You don’t want to be that guy that has to be rescued by the lifeguard. You can get seriously hurt, and not to mention, it’s embarrassing to have to be rescued, isn’t it?

5. Don’t play near a crowd.

Tossing a frisbee, football, or volleyball is fun when you’re soaking up the sun on the beach. It’s great exercise and a great way to make new friends down the shore. Just make sure you keep your games away from crowds of people. It can be loud and definitely disturbing to the people trying to lounge and relax. You might trample their blankets, kick up sand, or accidentally hit another beach goer in the head!

Were these tips helpful? If you have any other tips to add to this list, comment below or tweet us @travefy!

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