[Guest Post] A great Spring Break

Another guest post from a friend of Travefy with tips for a great spring break:

My friends and I decided to go on a trip to Costa Rica for our senior year spring break. The trip size ended up exploding to about 50 of our classmates. This could have complicated things, but we made a Facebook page with all the details regarding accommodations and potential activities. The hardest part was probably getting everyone to agree to go, collecting the money, and booking the same flight for us all at the same time. In this case, it worked for us to have one leader in the group who arranged the room, the flight and all other details and simply told everyone else where and how to pay them back.

Once we got there the trip was pretty seamless! It was an amazing experience, our hotel was right on the beach, and there was also a pool. The town was so friendly and the cab drivers always told us the good bars to go to. A few of our friends also rented houses, so we would have cookouts at their places as well. We also went ziplining which was amazing! Overall it was such a great trip, and I think the large amount of people who were there made it even better!

Devon, New York, NY

Just imagine how much easier the trip planner’s life would have been had s/he been using Travefy… Share your group travel experiences below for a chance to be a featured guest blogger!


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