How to Use Pinterest for Your Travel Company

The travel industry is heavily reliant on visual marketing. When you want to introduce your services to the businesses you target, you can’t stay limited to words. You can explain how great a destination is, but nothing can beat photographs.

That’s where Pinterest gets into the picture. People love collecting beautiful photos of recipes, fashion, and destinations in their Pinterest boards. The platform gives you a great opportunity to spread the word about your offer and attract new businesses towards your top-selling destination.

But how do you use it properly? It’s time for few effective tips on using Pinterest for marketing purposes.

First and Foremost, Get Great Images!

Let’s be honest: you can’t build a Pinterest marketing campaign around stock images. Sure; you can use stock photographs to present a destination at your website. But when it comes to Pinterest, only unique images attract attention. Otherwise, you’ll be simply presenting what everyone else presents.

  • The best approach would be hiring a professional photographer to take photos during the trips. They will capture not only the destination, but also the activities the participants engage in.
  • A photo of a team in the lecture hall followed by photos of leisure activities would be great.
  • Include photos of the signature dishes of the destination. Although you’re targeting business travelers, it’s still important for you to pay attention to the culinary aspect of your offer.

Stylize the Photos in Pinnable Format

If you check out Pinterest, you’ll notice that the most attractive pins don’t follow the usual photography format. Long, tall images take the lead there. This type of format may not be the best one for Instagram and Facebook, or even for your blog, but it’s perfect for a pin.

  • Canva is a great tool that lets you create pinnable images and graphics. You’ll combine the photographs that describe your destination with adequate text. Such a pin will get the attention of Pinterest users.  

Create a Pinterest Profile for Your Business

The best thing about social media is that it’s freely available for businesses to use. You won’t create these pinnable images, feature them on your blog and expect for people to pin them. Of course; you’ll add the Pinterest button to allow them to do that, but you’ll be the first one to pin the visual content on the company’s profile.

  • Create a separate board for each arrangement you offer.
  • There, you’ll feature the main pin that describes the package, as well as additional photographs for those who want more details.

Pay attention to the names of the boards. They have to be relevant and descriptive. For example, check Lonely Planet’s boards on Pinterest. You’ll notice that the names are very specific, so you can assume what content you’re going to find in a board.

Don’t Forget the Description

Pinterest allows you to add a description to each pin. Although descriptions get lost as the images are being repinned by other users, it’s still important for people to find information on your brand’s profile.

  • So make sure to add a text of 100-200. You’ll describe the offer you’re promoting with this pin. This may be an excerpt of a blog post, but you may also create unique descriptions for Pinterest.
  • Include relevant keywords, so people who use the Pinterest search bar will be able to detect your pins.
  • Oh; and don’t forget to add a link to the blog article or the web page of the arrangement.

Benefit from Pinterest Analytics

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest has its own analytics tool. When you register your profile as a business account, you’ll have access to valuable information that shows the outreach of each pin you publish. When you see how your content performs, you’ll realize what types of pins get the most attention. Naturally, you’ll focus on such format in future.


Travel brands can greatly benefit from Pinterest. It’s a marketing strategy that’s easy to maintain. All you need to do is create attractive pins and spread them out.

Pins are evergreen content. People will keep discovering them over time, so they won’t get lost in feeds, which is the case with Facebook and Twitter posts. That’s the most important advantage that makes Pinterest worthy of your attention.    

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