Learn How to Avoid Jet Lag With These Air Travel Tips

Any person who has traveled internationally also knows all about the horrors of Jet lag. To get through the psychological and physical test of endurance that is the miracle of travelling on a modern plane is usually not simple. However, you can easily avoid drowsiness, fatigue and migraines the next time you travel by following the 7 tips and tricks to avoid jet lag.

Jet Lag Tips

1. Travel in a Newer Plane

Newer aircraft such as the Dream liner has highly improved pressure systems. This means that the altitude will affect you less and you will have more energy. Planes such as the A350s and the A380s have amazing humidification systems which retain the moisture and come with LED lighting which are designed to counteract jet lag.

2. Book Trips With Layovers

Having a trip with a layover gives your body more time to relax and adjust to the changing rhythms and environment. An added benefit is that this will usually reduce the cost of your airfare!

3. Don’t Take Sleeping Pills

It might seem tempting to try and take sleeping pills so that your body adjusts to the new routine but this is harmful for your sleep cycle. If you need rest, do it the normal way. You can try some herbal tea in the flight because hot water is free and unlimited.

4. Avoid Coffee

Coffee, energy drinks and cola have caffeine and will keep you up by disturbing your capacity to sleep. Instead of these, stays hydrated and have lots of water because this will reduce jet lag.

5. Eat Properly

Apart from drinking, you should start eating three meals a day according to which time zone you are in even if this means having cereal in the night.

6. Do Some Exercises

Try to work out as soon you land. 10 minutes of vigorous cycling will do wonders for your alertness by boosting your endorphin levels. You can even do some simple exercises while in the plane. This will keep circulation flowing and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis.

 7. Make Up for Lost Sleep

If you’ve lost some sleep on the flight you can make up for the lost hours by taking a short nap.

These were our 7 best tips for avoiding jet lag. We hope you found the article informative and we wish you a safe and happy journey!

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