Instagram Marketing Tips for Travel Companies


Traveling is mostly a visual experience. People travel in order to see new places, enjoy the beautiful landscape, visit astonishing landmarks, and take selfies in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So far traveling agencies had an easy job promoting their services. However, with current market trends it’s necessary to put in that extra effort to reach new customers. Clients nowadays need more personalized content in order to make a traveling decision. They want simplicity and a more detailed offers. Instagram allows you to do more than just share amazing photos of hotels and travel destinations. It creates a real connection between you and your target audience. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use Instagram to expand your reach, raise brand awareness, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Use Instagram Dynamic Ads For Travel

There’s a prediction that around 73 percent of the US population will look for a travel idea on mobile this year. These statistics triggered the good people at Instagram to provide a marketing solution that will allow travel companies to promote their services to the relevant audience. Simply put, they took Dynamic Ads and made it more travel industry-friendly. With Dynamic Ads for Travel, anyone who’s looking for flights to a certain location can also receive a hotel offer related to that specific destination with a dynamic pricing option that will always provide up to date information.

Work With Influencers

Instead of building your audience from the scratch, it’s best to team up with an influencer that would share their traveling adventures with the audience. It’s a simple method to build up your brand awareness and extend your reach. According to research conducted among teens, online celebrities rank so high on the popularity scale that the top 10 most influential online stars include 8 people engaged in creating online video content.

Interact With Your Audience

It’s not enough to simply place a beautiful photo and move on to the next topic. Always make sure you interact with the visitors. People often need some extra feed in order to fully understand an offer or get some more information regarding a specific destination. Keep your audience happy and think of the interaction as a form of customer service.

Don’t Use Stock Photos

In order to set your brand apart from the competition, you need to create an authentic expression. Avoid posting stock photos no matter how captivating they might be. Instead, create your own content by hiring a professional photographer or ask your existing clients to share their holiday photos and tag your brand. Statistics show that Instagram posts generate 4.2 “likes” per day with more than 95 million photos and videos shared every day. Publishing photos that could already exist on Instagram could result with people not liking your post because it’s something they’ve already seen.  

Use Stories As Much As You Can

Unlike regular Instagram posts, Stories allow you to share content in real-time. Moreover, Stories allow you to organize polls and ask your audience for their opinion on certain matters. This way you can make a more informed decision regarding any future actions.According to data provided by Instagram, one in five Stories that businesses post generate direct message while 50 percent of business Instagram profiles produce at least one Instagram Story per month.

Everybody Loves Free Vacations

A good way to get more Instagram coverage is to organize giveaways. You can set a time-frame during which people will share your post or guess which destination is presented on the photo and choose a winner randomly at the end. Make sure you include a popular destination and the right time (summer, Christmas, national holidays, etc.). From time to time, you can throw in a discount coupon for the first 100 people that share a certain post. Eventually, people will visit your page regularly in order to see if there are any active campaigns.


Instagram is a powerful tool with loads of options that can make your business prosper. With so many people using Instagram to share their traveling adventures, it stands to reason that it’s the best place to promote tourism. Be unique, active, and engage with the online community in order to utilize your online to its full extent.

Author Bio:

Mary Whitman is a writer and editor at In her spare time, she likes to talk about art and sustainable development.