Planet-Friendly Travel Hacks For Your Next Business Trip

As we all know, travel of any kind isn’t the best for the environment, especially international flights. While your individual actions can’t stop the huge amount of CO2 being outputted by the thousands of daily flights across the world, there are some small-scale hacks you can incorporate into your flying routine that’ll at least negate your individual impact on the world.

From packing to what to do once you’re at your destination to minimize your impact, we’re listing the best ways to glide through business travel without harming the environment.

Know What to Pack (And What to Avoid)

Ever since airline liquid restrictions were first introduced in 2006, a market in small-scale toiletries sprung up to cater for time-poor regular travelers. Pocket-sized shaving gels and tiny deodorants are all well and good. However, these products use a lot of plastic and tend to be marked up in price. Especially at the airport itself.

A solution to this, which avoids the single-use plastic aspect, is to purchase some small, airport-ready containers. Fill the containers with your favorite natural skincare products into them. Such as face creams, moisturizers and nail and cuticle oils. You’ll save money and reduce the demand for needless, small-scale plastic packaging.

Be a Responsible Visitor

If you’re lucky enough to be on a business trip to a far-flung location, minimize your impact on the local environment by following these tips.

A westerner in far eastern climates might be clamoring for imported home comforts. But this should be avoided as the CO2 produced by transcontinental food shipping is considerable to say the least. Try your best to eat and drink like a local. Take after the late Anthony Bourdain and opt for the local beer, and find some traditional, locally produced cuisine to eat once your meetings are over.

This’ll have the bonus effect of broadening your horizons and exposing you to different cultures, instead of having a dull trip that’s 100% business-focused.

Make the Trip as Long as Possible

If you’re dealing with business partners in faraway climates, chances are you won’t want to be shelling out for multiple flights to deal with multiple different issues. Instead, why not book a long trip to monitor the business and make sure everything is running smoothly (at a reduced price and a reduced carbon footprint)?

To make sure nothing’s left off your itinerary for an important business trip, make use of the latest travel planning apps. Which will ensure that no stone is left unturned and your business trip will have an easily navigable road map to success.

Pack Light

Every kilogram counts on a flight, and every kilogram of your luggage forces the plane’s engines to work harder. Exercising restraint in the packing department can save you money, too, as you won’t need to pay extra for baggage storage in the hold. A good rule of thumb is to pack everything you think you’ll need, then halve it. It helps to be ruthless this way to achieve true light-packing nirvana.

Packing light also means you’re more flexible. You won’t have to figure your way around a foreign city with a huge piece of luggage – which is always a bonus.

So, take on board this actionable advice. Your personal impact on the world will be massively reduced on your next business trip without compromising success in your company’s commerce.

Author Bio:

Paul Richards is a long-time botanist and founder of Herbfarmacy – an online retailer selling organic skin care and beauty products for all skin types, including face creams, body lotions and nail and cuticle oils.