Five Things First-Time Travelers Should Not Forget

If the prospect of yet another Monday morning makes you dig deeper into your bed, it’s probably time to plan that long overdue vacation. Research shows that travel rejuvenates both the body and mind. It also nurtures closer relationships with your travel cum life partner. However if this is the first time you are planning a vacation or travelling after a long while, here are 5 things to keep in mind.

Abroad Basics

Who doesn’t dream of a vacation in exotic, foreign lands. As you zero in on your favored destination be sure to start the visa paperwork. Also check out other travel requisites for that place like mandatory vaccinations, government permits in conflict-prone areas and dress regulations for conservative cultures.

Document Duplicates

24/7 internet connectivity, especially on smartphones, has cut down paperwork to a great deal. One need not move around with paper travel tickets and hotel reservations now. And yet everyone has heard a story when a lost document exactly coincided with discharged phone or a crashed laptop. So it’s always a good idea, especially when going to unfamiliar or foreign locations, to backup crucial documents in paper duplicates. Such as passport, visa, credit cards, drivers licence, social security card, travel tickets, vaccination proof and reservation confirmations. 

Travel Insurance

If you are travelling on a budget it may be tempting to save a few extra bucks by chucking the idea of insurance. However holidays can turn out to be notoriously stressful on account of lost luggage, cancelled flights or even itineraries cut short due to natural disasters like landslides and storms. In fact if you go through your tour operator’s papers with a fine-tooth comb, you will probably come across the much-dreaded ‘Acts-of-God’ clause in which case your money will not be refunded. The safest way to avoid such losses is to get travel insurance cover based on your specific needs.

On-The-Go Essentials

These would include the myriad  of little things easy to miss out for first-time travelers. Medicines or lozenges to combat motion sickness, power converters, headphones for long flights, hand-sanitizer and a reusable water-bottle are some items which if packed would save you money and worries during your travels.

Easy Attitude

Finally don’t forget to pack in your mind a relaxed attitude that takes experiences as they come. Having too many expectations and preconceived notions will only pile on stress. Be open to experiencing the local culture, customs, language, food and people. Rather than always looking for the perfect shot to post on your social media sites, be present in the moment of wonder and discovery. That way you will truly enjoy and before long, find yourself already planning your next vacation!

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