Eight Things To Do in South Africa That Don’t Include Wildlife

South Africa is among the most naturally beautiful places you can visit. Apart from exploring the wide variety of flora, there are various things to do and see. If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to visit the various galleries, museums, and historical sites available in different cities.

There are numerous wineries and restaurants where food lovers can sample different types of dishes or even go wine tasting. Below is a list of must do things while in South Africa.

Take a Canopy Tour

If you love adventure and are brave enough to indulge in out of the ordinary activities, you need to take a canopy tour. These give you a first-hand experience of the environment and there are zip lining activities for both beginners and thrill seekers. If you are a thrill seeker, the Karkloof Canopy Tours are ideal for you. Beginners can undertake a zip lining adventure in Tsitsikamma.

Visit any UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are approximately 8 (UNESCO) United Nations Education and Science Cultural Organizations world heritage sites in South Africa. Each has received United Nations recognition as being of national importance.

These include the Cape Floral Region, Robben Island, and the Cradle of Humankind, where fossils believed to be those of our archaic ancestors were found. Still, there is the Vredefort Dome and the ruins of the archaic Mapungubwe kingdom. The former portrays one of the biggest meteor craters in the world.

Explore the History of South Africa

South Africa is a hub of rich history and with various monuments and museums, history lovers are guaranteed to discover and learn a lot. There are two monuments situated at Blood River which represents the conflict between the Dutch Voortrekkers and the Zulu. Visit Robben Island while in Cape Town and discover where Nelson Mandela was confined in prison for 18 years.

Experience the Diverse Flora

If you are a flower enthusiast, South Africa gives you an opportunity to experience numerous flower species at the Cape Floral Region. A huge percentage of flowers grown here are not found anywhere else in the entire world.

The region is popularly known for its exclusive fynbos species. Wildflower blooms situated in Northern Cape gives you a limited opportunity to experience beautiful flower blooms annually.

Go Hiking and Marvel at the Captivating Scenery

The natural scenery in South Africa is almost unmatched world over. You can only experience the best views on foot. However, if you prefer using a car, there are numerous long term car rental South Africa where you can get car rental services. why not link up with your friends and loved ones for a lifetime hiking adventure?

There are numerous hiking trails and many of them go through hidden treasures within South Africa’s interiors, while others will maneuver through the amazing coast. Some of the routes include, the Rim of Africa and Fanie Botha trail situated in Mpumalanga. The former crisscrosses the Mountains at Western Cape. 

Go Surfing

South Africa’s coastline extends approximately 2,500 kilometers from the Atlantic across to the Indian Ocean. While there are various surf spots in both coasts, Cape Town has the most popular surf regions and you can also go surfing across the east coast.

If you are a beginner in surfing and happen to be in Mother City, Muizenberg is ideal as it has milder waves. Dungeons is perfect for you is you are an experienced surfer. Jeffrey’s Bay is the capital of South Africa’s surfing activities and is located at the southern region of Port Elizabeth.

Play Golf

No doubt South Africa is home to not only beautiful golf courses, but some of the most affordable. Some of them include, Leopard Creek which lies close to Kruger National Park. The links golf course was once a top rated facility in the country. It is also placed at number 34 among the best golf courses across the globe. Playing here gives you an opportunity to marvel at the captivating Outeniqua Mountains. 

Hike at the Table Mountain

A trip to Cape Town is never complete without visiting the Table Mountain. It is the highlight of Cape Town and also one of the most visited areas in South Africa. You can go hiking which takes approximately 3 hours or get to the top via a cable car. Marvel at the beautiful views from the top of the Table Mountain and enjoy the lifetime opportunity while at it.


Whether you are a first-time visitor or a South African resident, visit some of these areas and engage in the various adventurous activities. It is not only an ideal way of marveling at the spectacular natural beauty, it exposes you to unforgettable memories.

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