Amazing Destinations You Can Only Reach by Boat

For most of our travels we use cars, trains and airplanes to visit exciting new places.  Traveling by boat is often times loved by many, but it’s not the common form of travel to reach a specific destination. Unless you are going on a cruise of course where all the stops are to top tourist destinations. 

If you are searching for amazing destinations that you can only reach by boat then check out our list below and add these destinations to your travel bucket list.  

1. Marble Cathedral – Chile

The largest freshwater lake in South America has these caverns that hover over Lago Carrera. These caverns are comprised of swirled marble and the lake itself is crystal clear. The amazing blue color is due to glacial silt. Reflecting light off the lake make these caverns look like something to be found on another planet in a science fiction movie. To get to this “wonder,” travelers must first fly and then embark on a long boat ride to reach the Marble Cathedral in Chile. Well worth the time and experience!

2. Svalbard Archipelago – Norway

Svalbard Archipelago is known for is its huge bank of seeds. In the case of a catastrophic event, the seeds will be used to regenerate earth’s plant life. You can only get to the Archipelago by ship, but, once there, you will be treated to polar bear, reindeer, whales and more arctic creatures. The other potential, if you go at the right time, will be a stunning view of the Aurora Borealis.

3. Amazon River, South America

There are plenty of amazing places to visit in South America, but one that cannot be missed is the Amazon River. Of course, you get to the river by land, but once on it, you are in for a stunning adventure. The Amazon runs from Peru to Brazil and provides some of the most amazing scenery you will find in all of South America.

4. Tagomoga Island – Ibiza

How would you like to rent an entire island for a remote vacation away from it all? You won’t find a hotel or restaurant there, so bring all of your camping gear if you plan to stay overnight.

Tagomoga Island is small and off the coat of Ibiza, a much larger island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. Ibiza is a party island par excellence, but Tagomoga is the retreat from that life. And if you like caving, you will find a large number to explore here. The other plus is crystal clear water which is great for diving and snorkeling. The catch? It’s pricey – $100,000 for a week.

5. Pak Ou Caves – Laos

These Pak Ou Caves are at the juncture of two rivers in Laos. They are also a key place of worship for Buddhist and have been for centuries. You can only get there via river boat, but the caves are sights to see. Especially the caves with sculptures of Buddha within them. If you’re into caving and cultural exploration, this is a trip for you.

6. Navagio Beach – Greece

If you want a beach that is completely unspoiled, this is it. You can only get there by boat and you will need to take all of your own provisions for the day. There are no hotels, restaurants, bars, or tourist attractions. Nothing but beautiful white sand and some of the clearest water in the world! A perfect day away from a hectic travel schedule in heavily populated Greek cities and towns.

7. Kerala – India

Most people who tour India stick to the major cities and landmarks and historical sites. But India is also a country of canals, and if you are in a mood to see India differently, take one of these less sophisticated boats and set out. You are in for a treat if you are into wildlife, as you will see plenty along these routes. And you’ll see a totally different India than most tourists.

8. Suwarrow Atoll – Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific. They are a self-governing group but with an official association with New Zealand. Suwarrow Atoll is a part of the Cook Islands, but an atoll is a circular group of islands formed by coral reef. The atoll is actually a national park with two caretakers, the only people living there. There are plenty of legends about buried treasure here, but the real attractions are gorgeous beaches, palms, and the wildlife. To get to the atoll, you will have to plan ahead. Not many boats travel there, but you can find one from the neighboring island of Rarotonga.

9. Franklin River – Australia

This is a trip only for the experienced rafter. You can actually spend two full two weeks traversing this river, seeing Australia from a whole new vantage point. There are “heritage” sites along the route which are places that are sanctuaries for the protection of plants and wildlife. The River is unpredictable, both in water levels and currents, so be ready for risks.

Travel can be accomplished in many different ways. For the water lovers who want the adventure of traveling by boat, hopefully these amazing destinations will make their way onto your bucket list!

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Preston Felix is a professional writer, sociologist and content manager at Rewarded Essays. When he is not involved in career-related tasks, he follows his other many interests, including astronomy, psychology, and traveling.