Why You Should Never Be Too Busy to Take a Vacation

In a fast-paced life filled with competition and seemingly unending activities, it is quite difficult to imagine how to stop and take a moment to breathe. After all, every second counts. Many think that one quick break can cost them the promotion they have been eyeing or the client they have long been trying to sign up. This dilemma sounds quite too familiar, right?  This has become the norm for a lot of individuals. Sadly, this is also why people seem apprehensive to go on vacation. Other than possibly visiting a new place, here are some of the reasons why you should never be too busy to take a vacation.

Stay Clear of Stress

You are placing a strain on your health considering the stress you subject yourself to. It does not matter if you are experiencing minor stress or a mind-blowing, major stress since both have an impact on you. It becomes a totally different story though if you are going through chronic stress. Chronic Stress is characterized by irritability for no apparent reason, feeling fatigued, and being unable to concentrate.

A study shows that taking a vacation can decrease strain levels. The effects of this break last even beyond the period of the vacation. Many individuals still feel better five weeks after the break. A separate study also revealed that taking some time off leads people to experience less physical complaints attributable to stress like backaches, headaches, and heart irregularities.

Better Productivity

Taking a vacation can boost an individual’s productivity. To some, this concept is unheard of, especially since we are living in an age when everything needs to be rushed. A lot of people tend to get so many things done in a short period of time.

But a study reveals that people who take vacations improve their productivity. Those who had more vacation time showed improved performance ratings. There are also studies showing that individuals who took more vacations are less likely to leave the company they work for. More importantly, people who took breaks were seen to be significantly more productive compared to those individuals who spend more hours working. The formula seems pretty simple. If a person is productive, that individual is happier. This feeling will then translate to an excellent job.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

This is one benefit that is quite obvious. If you take yourself out of a stressful environment, then you are taking good care of your heart. There have been numerous studies backing up the benefits of going on a vacation in relation to cardiovascular health. A nine-year study revealed that men who took at least one vacation each year were 30% less likely to die because of heart-related health issues.

The same is true for women. Women who take breaks at least once in six years or less are eight times more susceptible to develop heart disease, experience heart attack, or die because of heart-related problems compared to those who took at least two breaks in a year.

Improved Sleep

It is common to experience restlessness and sleep disruption, especially since there is just too much going on in our minds. It is challenging to tune out everything, so your sleep is unaffected. Lack of sleep means less focus, impaired memory, and a propensity to get into an accident.

When you go on a luxurious location, the habits that disrupt your sleep are interrupted. Considering that you are away from the stress of work and everyday life, you learn to let go and reset the pattern of your sleep.

Author Bio:

Nicole is a freelance writer and educator based in the Michigan and believes that her writing is an extension of her career as a tutor since they both encourage learning and discussing new things. When she isn’t writing, you might find Nicole running, hiking, or swimming. She’s participated in several 10K races and hopes to compete in a marathon one day. Nicole often blogs about addiction, traveling, finance and fitness.