Top 5 Secret Beaches You Should Definitely Explore

“Sun, sand and surf” if an ideal holiday means these things to you, then you are someone who cannot ignore the call of the mighty ocean. Summer is the perfect time to pack your bags and head out to soak up some sun. Average urban folks try to escape the hot and humid days by opting for hill stations. If you want to chuck the crowded hills, then the next best location is near the ocean. Yes! Let the pristine waves wash away your stress. Relax on the white or yellow sandy beaches. Enjoy some lip-smacking seafood and fantastic cocktails. Sounds heavenly, isn’t it?! But this dream-like setting will shatter into a thousand pieces if you end up on any public beach. They are just too crowded to offer recreation. Don’t let this spoil your vacation plans. If you desire to enjoy your holidays on a secluded beach, unspoiled by human footfall, then this article had plenty to offer.

Secret beaches: A gift from Mother Nature

Soft sand, crashing waves, coasts lined with palm trees and underwater fauna mesmerize travelers. Though rugged waves are good for thrill-seekers, it is tough to relax among all that hustle and bustle. It is here that the secret beaches come to your rescue. Tucked away in a majestic location, hidden from human eyes, these secluded seaside areas welcome those who take the extra effort to find them. These are quiet, calm, breathtakingly beautiful and enough to bring tears of joy to your eyes. If you want to spend some quality time with your partner or explore by yourself, then these are your perfect getaways. So, put on your beach-appropriate jumpsuit as you are about to get the secret route map to discover natural gems.

1. Muriwai Beach in New Zealand

The “land of the Kiwis” is known for its enchanting beauty. Surfing is a popular pastime for locals here. Visiting Piha Beach is on the bucket-list of most surfing enthusiasts. But a quick trip, only a few kilometers away from Auckland, will offer you a chance to experience a beach that has a divine beauty. Miles of an unending spread of soft yellow sand, punctuated with rocks, which obstruct the path of adamant waves, is a sight to behold. You might have to bribe your guide to bring you here. They try their best to preserve this raw and unspoiled beauty of the Muriwai Beach. During high tides, continually crashing waves create a water mist that wraps the rocky areas in a veil.

2. Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

Whether you are a shoestring globetrotter or a jet-setting high flyer, you will be equally welcomed by the warm and friendly people of Vietnam. Once you have stuffed your tummy with fantastic dishes and finished sightseeing, it is time to set out on a journey to discover hidden natural wonders of this god-gifted nation. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, this picturesque beach has a lot to offer. It stretches for only 30 miles. This “not so impressive” size helps the beach in keeping itself under the wraps. You can walk on the soft sand for hours, without being bothered by others. If you are staying in a reputed resort, they can make a beach lunch or sea-side dinner arrangement for you. Tourists can also book bungalows, which are located not so far from the island. A significant section of this island is under the protection of Vietnamese government as it also happens to be a national park.

3. Sand Beach in Maine

Sand beach is another hidden spot that is known, only to few lucky chaps who have been here, for its mesmerizing waves and calm setting. It is also a part of the Acadia National Park. It means many hikers come to this area. But only a few land up on this beach. Mother Nature has taken her time to carve out the stones along the coasts. Crushed shells eroded away to form soft golden sand that seems so inviting. These waters will wash away your tiredness, and infuse your mind and body with new energy and enthusiasm. The entire area is lined with even rocks. If you have special permission, you can even set up camp here. Make sure you have the arrangement to protect yourself from animal attack and mosquito bites.

4. Puako in Hawaii

The percentage of tourist inflow makes it difficult to believe that there are still some beaches here that are “secret.” But Puako falls in that category. Its nearness to Big Island helps in remaining out of the limelight, and probably for the best. Travelers can enjoy their days taking dips in the numerous reef tide pools and relaxing on the smooth boulders, and watch the sun slowly go down into the golden ocean.

5. Playa del Amor in Mexico

It is time to end the article with a bang! If you are looking for amazing hidden beaches, then you have got to make a trip to Mexico. Playa del Amor is a beach that is very popular among tourists. So, how come it is on the list of hidden beaches? It is due to its natural setting. The beach is encircled by high land, making it technically impossible to reach, if not you are airdropped from a helicopter. To get to this dream beach, one has to swim underwater.

Definitely not for the faint-hearted! Only locals know the rocky tunnel opening that will take you directly to this beach. Chances are you will find some other folks when you emerge from the water. But a beach as beautiful as this ought to be shared with others. This beach and the area around it, form the part of a national park.

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