The World’s Busiest Cruise Ports

Once the sole preserve of a wealthy few, cruising has now become much more affordable for those earning a middle-class wage, enabling them to experience an exceptional holiday quite like no other. From chilling in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean to experiencing the vibrancy of Mediterranean cities and seeing the wonders of Alaska up close, there are plenty of magnificent cruising routes to be enjoyed.

If you’ve wondered which spots are in vogue with cruise travellers, here is an interactive storymap which takes you through the 10 busiest cruise ports in the world, traversing three continents, eight countries, two oceans and two seas. Each location has its own charm and history and, if you have considered going on a cruise, the storymap might give you plenty of food for thought as to which destinations to visit. Check it out below!

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Damien Kenny is the Director of The Water Filter Men, online stockists of high-quality water filters in Ireland. He takes an interest in all matters related to water, from conservation to cruising and plenty in between.