7 Tips for Saving Money on Long-Term Parking Before Your Travel

There are a lot of hidden expenses which can be accrued when you travel. There are fees that can crop up everywhere, from your extra luggage fines to booking a seat to even the check-in process. Make sure you aren’t left out when you get to the airport with these tips on cutting your long-term parking expenses.

1. Get Someone to Drive You

This one is the simplest ways to save money for sure. If you know someone, such as a family member or even friend, who would drive you to the airport and pick you up later, then you can cut out parking fees entirely. You can even pay for their expenses and give them some extra money on top, as it will certainly work out cheaper.

2. Get a Taxi

This is much the same as above, though naturally it will cost you more. Taxi companies know that a trip to the airport will be in high demand. They usually charge far above the odds for the journey. Research this carefully to be sure you can save money, taking into account both the outward and the return journey.

3. Get a Hotel

In some cases, you might find a hotel close by to the airport where you’re allowed to park your car for an extra fee on top of your stay. You could stay the night before your flight and leave the car, which will also mean you’re closer to the airport when you have to get up for your flight.

4. Book a Package Deal

In some cases, you might be able to book a package deal where your parking fee is included in your overall holiday rates. In these cases, you can often get a discount comparable to if you paid for each element of the holiday separately. Careful research and price comparison will be needed to be sure.

5. Wait for Flash Deals

Like most things you can buy, there will occasionally be flash deals and secret discounts on long-term parking. In this case, it might be only a few days before you travel, so you have to be careful about potentially missing out and having to pay full price. However, discount sites do have these deals from time to time.

6. Book a Parking Space via Community Sharing

Sharing sites are really blowing up, as they are such a great way for you to save at the same time as others earn a little extra cash. There are parking spots available to rent on sharing community sites, where someone who owns a space can get a bonus from renting it out to you and you get to skip the airport fees. How close you get to the airport will vary, but it will be a much cheaper option at any rate.

7. Find Off-Site Parking

There are also plenty of off-site parking areas around most major airports. These are owned by separate companies, who will usually charge a little less than the airport does. Even though you’re a bit further out, it might be just a short walk or a bus ride to get to the airport shuttle, or even the main terminal. That makes things a lot easier.

Of course, there are lots of ways you can save a little – or even a lot – on your airport parking fees. Next time you are going to be parking in the long-term stay, make sure that you do your research before you travel. This will give you more to spend on souvenirs!

Author Bio:

Sarah Kearns is a hard working mother of three daughters. She is a part of the team behind ParkHound – a sharing community site where you can find a cheap parking spot. She loves cooking, reading history books and writing about green living.