The Best 5 Ecotourism Destinations in the World

Ecotourism is a type of tourism that involves traveling with no harm (or its minimum) for nature and the environment and your actual satisfaction by merging with nature and its elements. You can either pick such eco tours or eco countries yourself or ask for a tourism agency’s help.

We have picked the top 5 ecotourism places in the world for you:

  • Costa Rica
  • Philippine Islands
  • Ecuador
  • Norway
  • Laos

The Place to Merge ‒ Costa Rica

There is no overstatement about calling Costa Rica the most popular among ecotourism places. But it is needed to get along with some populousness. This is because of current rains and forests full of fog, black beaches and other interesting stuff are almost all year surrounded by those who are willing to merge with our precious nature.

As you probably got, seclusion can become problematic here. In spite of this, there are some advantages: thanks to the local financial growth of the place, more and more new hotels, centers and complexes with the prefix “eco” are being created.

The unique eco-settlement of Finca Bellavista is worth sharing with you, people. Travelers here have all they need to start feeling like new Robinsons of our age by settling in wooden houses in the middle of the jungle.

Such eco-destination can be rented as an already built one, or a person can build it herself. How? The technology will teach, and materials will “come” to help. The foundation is forbidden to lay, so the houses are holding onto special piles.

Coral Reefs Paradise of Philippine Islands

Philippine Islands that are rich with coral reefs attract not only divers but also ecotourists by its wonderful locations.

For the sake of the so-called beach people, the local authorities are destroying the luxurious jungle, but there is an island where everything has been saved and untouched almost in its original form. This is Palawan that is one of the best places for ecotourism. It is exactly the one which attracts a lot of eco-loving people through the years.

Ecuador Is on the Top of “Must See” Lists

Ecuador does rarely appear on the lists of the most attractive countries by ecotourists.

Guess, on the one hand, there are the magnificent Andes, and on the other, the Amazonian jungle and ocean reefs are in these ecotourism places. But one of the most successful plexuses is the famous Galapagos.

The Galapagos authorities succeeded in achieving the preservation of nature and its locations over humans, thanks to the strictest laws and measures to save and protect the animals and natural gifts.

That is why many nature reserves of the islands are forbidden for tourists. Those who still receive guests set strict rules, such as walking around the territory for tourists that is permitted only with a presence of one guide or exporting something from the territory that is absolutely prohibited.

Norway Fjords

The fjords are majestic Norway treasures. Every tourist should add it to his “must see” list because Norway is one of these ecotourism places in the world that deserve visiting and enjoying. People also come to this location searching for an ecological rest. The authorities do all that they can to protect the coastline from the negative urbanization influence.

Fishing, hunting, and industry are kept under strict control, but the tourist segment is prospering. Bike and hiking routes, boat trips and excursions to the surrounding villages are at the service of every single traveler.

Laos Ecological Tourism

Ecotourism in Laos is enhanced by endless rice fields and thick bamboo reeds, leopards, and elephants that live here.

A few years ago there was another very curious object. That was the base of active ecological tourism. Professional alpinists are its creators. It was they who came up with ideas of creating a huge grid of tourist routes of varying complexity in the land of Laos.

Practically all year you can come here for a late bite and feel all ecotourism charms and inner treasures, living in your personal, comfortable bungalow.

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