Five Excellent Tips for Maintaining Your Diet in a Foreign Land

Travelling makes you feel alive. It makes you see the otherwise monotonous world from a whole new perspective. People have different reasons to travel. Some travel to know different cultures, while some others travel to see the world and a few like me travel to just created unique experiences. Whatever the reason, traveling comes with its own share of memories, joys and disasters along with it.

I had successfully achieved my target weight after a complete year of struggle with weight training sessions, HIITs and diets. It called for a treat, to myself.  I traveled to Iceland at the beginning of this year. Call me crazy, but I wanted to do that in the peak of winter. There’s this saying in Iceland, that says,” People who travel to Iceland in winter are braver than the Vikings”. The tickets were booked, the bags were packed and new winter wear was brought. I was determined not to let this epic treat spoil years of hard work.

I was doing the mandatory research travelers do before visiting a location. And I realized the food in Iceland was very costly like most other things in the Northern country. Apart from the price, the uncertainty bothered me more. I was concerned if I depended on the supermarkets there for my daily intake and couldn’t find them on time. Secondly, it makes sense not to roam around in search of food, instead of making the most out of your trip. I am a light traveler, so it made all the more sense to pack my food instead.

I knew I had to plan my diets prior to it if I wanted it not to deviate. So, I sat down with my fitness trainer and decided on the calorie requirement in Iceland. (Calorie requirements change as per the weather conditions in a country too.) We decided on a couple of points and I was confident I wouldn’t have to miss on my diets while traveling. Not just that, I traveled better and smarter as I didn’t have to worry about food in a foreign land.

Here are some pointers, that one could use to manage diets while traveling in a foreign land

Planning is Key

It’s wise to make a list of things that you can eat when traveling. Mention in detail your calorie requirement, divided throughout the day. Not only will this give you a basic idea of how many meals you have prepacked but also enable you to know how many meals you will have to plan outside. You might end up eating junk when you have no planning. Also, junk is easier and cheaper to access than healthier options. You are more likely not to wait when hungry and struggling while traveling.

I was happy because my required calorie intake was nearly double in Iceland. It was as if the country wanted me to eat and enjoy while assuring no weight gain. I had planned 4 meals and 3 snacks for each day. My trip was of 10 days and I had packed food for 6. It might get a little boring but It’s your call after all.

Keep Your Snacks Hands-On

Snacks are fun and important too. Chances of you craving for snacks is higher while traveling on the roads. Unlike when you have a routine, you will feel crankier or fussier about your snacks. It becomes easier if you are carrying your healthy snacks along with you while traveling.

I love eating energy bars and that too of a specific kind. I have a flavor I like and I favor the peanuts more in mine. I learned how to prepare energy bars and balls online and ended up making 4 different batches.  I had packed packets of popcorn and my energy bars in 3 different flavors. Having your options in multiple flavors might seem taxing pre-travel but works as a boon during travels.

You Can Count on the Vegetables

It’s not possible to pack your greens to foreign lands, for obvious reasons. At the same time, vegetables can make for a good snack option. Additionally, it’s wise to not give up on your fiber intake while traveling. Without much fiber in your diet, you might feel bloated and constipated.

I had baked some sweet potato chips, which work great as a snack. I also visited the nearest 7*11 to check the harvest that’s grown locally. Locally grown produce is more likely to be cheaper and fresher. I used to depend on a lot of Cucumbers, lettuce and baby carrots.

Prepare Healthy Meals and Use Them as Ready-made Options

Preparing your healthy meals in advance will make your traveling so much easier. You can make your favorite oats or rice mix in advance in bulk. This can be used later while traveling.

I had packed a good amount of oats, both rolled and steel cut. I had slow roasted them with cinnamon sticks and nuts. I used spoonful’s in my Airbnb’s once I reached Iceland. I also had packed some wild rice and some lentils. I slow cooked them later and ate them with cheese.

I wouldn’t say, these recipes taste great, because then I would be lying. But it’s about your priorities at a given time period, isn’t it? I couldn’t afford to take the risk if you are someone who is confident to shed the extra weight after a trip, feel free to enjoy whatever comes your way.

Take Local Help to Look Out for Healthier Options

This helped me the significantly while traveling in Iceland. I had a good talk with my Host, a middle-aged mother. She told me about a local yogurt named, Skyr, which was low on fat and high on proteins. It is somewhat of the consistency of Yogurt but much milder. Interestingly, it has been in their culture for thousands of years now. I depended on these, throughout my trip. They could be used as spreads and also with my fruits. The host told me other options too, keeping in mind my dietary requirements.

All these points understood it’s important you do not miss out on eating the local cuisine too. Cuisines form a big part of understanding a countries history. You can connect with local people and know their unique stories, all over the food.

Travel and see the beautiful world for yourself. Don’t let anything keep you back from packing your travel bags, not even your diets.


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