PowerUp With New Add-Ons in Travefy

In an industry with an overwhelming amount of competition, travel professionals face the challenging task of setting themselves apart from the rest.

Part of Travefy’s commitment to helping travel professionals succeed is giving them more options to help them step up their game, stand out, and elevate their business. Travefy is proud to launch a new set of optional features called PowerUps and the goal of these PowerUps are to personalize the functionality you need for your business to cut through the noise in the industry. 

What’s a PowerUp?

A PowerUp is a simple, powerful add-on to your Travefy account and they start at just $9 per month. You can find PowerUps listed in your Travefy on the Account tab or on our website. Click here to view more details on the PowerUps available. 

Currently there are three PowerUps available with more to come! Here’s what’s on deck right now: 

1. Domain Masking 

Keep your branding consistent, by making all of your itineraries appear on your custom domain (e.g. trips.mydomain.com). Setup only takes a few minutes, so it is quick and easy to get started. Check out these articles below to learn more about Domain Masking.

2. Embed Itinerary 

Market sample trips or itineraries on your website. Use this PowerUp to embed any itinerary in your account onto your website using a few simple snippets of code. Check out these articles below to learn more about how to Embed an Itinerary.

3. Marketing Profile 

Think of Marketing Profiles as an online business card where you can include in your email signature, embed on a website, or share with others. Check out these articles below to learn more about Marketing Profiles and see examples.

Who can purchase a PowerUp?

All PowerUps are available for all Travefy subscribers. These new add-ons give every Travefy subscriber the functionality to create a more professional and impressive online presence. And this is just the start. There’s more to come and these extensions of your Travefy account will hopefully help you grow and PowerUp your travel business.