Top 5 Destinations for Planning a Northern Lights Holiday

Physics meets chemistry and produces the nature’s most breathtaking phenomenon – Aurora Borealis commonly known as Northern Lights. Every year millions of tourists travel to the Scandinavians to get the glimpse of this beautiful sight. It is a haven for romantics and explorers to witness this splendor with their own eyes at least once in their lives.

The most common color you will spot in the polar lights is green. Winter is the best time to encounter them i.e. the months from November to March. As occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day fall in these months, they always get quite busy for countries hosting Aurora Polaris.

The list of countries where you can see Northern Lights from:

  • Norway
  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Scotland
  • Northern Canada
  • Ireland
  • Alaska (USA)
  • Northern Russia

Among these, we have shortlisted the top 5 destinations for you that will be perfect for viewing the northern lights.


The land of the Midnight Sun, Greenland, is one destination where you can see the Northern Nights no matter what time of the year it is as the place witnesses almost 300 days of clear skies. On the other hand, the adverse weather conditions, scarce population and less developed roads and transport, fail to make it the most popular tourist destination. However, in the past few years, the tourism industry of Greenland has been working tirelessly to build better transport facilities, more hotels and hostels to promote its tourism.


The 49th State of America is the more developed alternative to Greenland. If you live in America, it would be your first choice to witness Aurora Borealis. Anchorage in Alaska is most easily accessible location to catch the lights.


This is another very popular destination for viewing the lights. Iceland enjoys eight months of northern lights appearance. This is quite close to what Greenland offers. The months of September to April are considered the best time for getting a chance to observe this magic in the sky. It is always difficult to get the best view from cities like Reykjavíkdue to the air pollution, but not impossible. If you’re on a family holiday in the town of Reykjavík and don’t wish to go any further, your best shot of seeing the lights is Grótta lighthouse. This lighthouse is situated on the northwestern side of the city. The majestic Northern Lights are the reason Icelanders gain their maximum tourism for.


Sweden is one of the more affordable regions of the Nordics to view the Polar Lights. Funnily enough, you will find the freezing weather of Sweden more comforting when compared to that of Canada and Russia. It is the northern reaches of Sweden where you can find the lights in the months of September-April. Places, like the town of Abisko, are quite famous for the sighting of Northern Lights. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes witness Aurora as down south as Stockholm. When you visit Sweden, theNorthern Lights aren’t the only thing you’d want to see as there is so much to explore.


It is proclaimed by many to be the favorite country to visit for viewing Polar lights. As you may know, you can’t view the lights from the south, so the capital Oslo is out of question. The northern part of Norway, including the towns of Tromsø, is where you have you the best chances of spotting them. September to March, mostly peak winter is the best time.

What to Pack

Warm clothes: You’re going to face winter season in the coldest regions of the world.You do not want to be shivering while experiencing one of the best moments of your life. You will need everything from your winter boots to hats, gloves and scarves, and a lot of layers.

Moreover, the lights can be seen at their best at the most secluded places. You’re probably going to be out in the cold or on top of a hill at night. To avoid bringing any frostbites home, bring along layers of warm clothing.

Good Camera with new batteries: Your phone can take the pictures just fine but daylight photography is different to night photography. A good camera will always come in handy. You will be taking many pictures to get that one perfect shot. So, you need fresh batteries as they do run out quite quickly in the cold.

Head torch: Forget about holding flashlights, you can’t be holding one and taking a picture at the same time if you hope for a good shot. Head torch will come in real handy for night photography. Not just that, walking on an isolated path in utter darkness will be easier with a head torch!

As James Thomson, Castle of Indolence, once said

“You cannot rob me of free nature’s grace;
you cannot shut the windows of the sky
through which Aurora shows her brightening face.”

You’re in for an adventure you won’t forget because Aurora Borealis is worth it.

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