Travel Goals: Cities to Explore in Sweden

Sweden is the harmony between man and nature landscapes of absolute tranquility and a sweetness of life that flirts with monotony.

Some big dynamic cities of Sweden; most of them are full of charm, charged with the history and have a sense of measure. The sweetness of temperaments, respectful rules, beautiful landscapes, huge forests, and countless lakes are the keywords that describe Sweden.

If you wish to experience the awe-inspiring exquisiteness of this heavenly place, here’s the list of the cities you shouldn’t miss!

Stockholm: First Place on the Podium

Stockholm is one of the striking cities in Sweden that every individual should keep on their list. Both the capital and largest city of Sweden, Stockholm is located where the lake is facing Malaren and the Baltic Sea. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is built on 14 islands, reminiscent of Venice.

Travel Tip: Don’t miss the metro when in Stockholm!

The city is nicknamed as “the Venice of the North.” The history and culture of this gorgeous place are ten years old but is still conserved. The famous Christmas traditions are proof.

Gothenburg: In Second Place

For the travel enthusiast seeking a place to experience both pleasure and peace in Sweden, Gothenburg is best for them. Located in South West Sweden, this jewel has it all.

The nature lovers will surely be mesmerized by numerous picturesque canals and vast green spaces including the largest botanical garden in Sweden.  If you are traveling with a caravan or a plan to camp, you can also stay there in variety of campsites.

Travel Tip: If you plan to camp in Gothenburg, make sure you have essential gear for camping along with the tents, sleeping bags, and side sleepers mattresses. 

Malmo: In Third Place

A multicultural city where artistic life and cultural life mingle. Malmo is the Swedish destination par excellence to immerse oneself in different Swedish cultures.

One can experience the impressive architecture, including the Church Sankt Petri. Moreover, the city offers regular shows; however, nothing is better than pedestrian tours to enjoy Malmo.

Travel Tip: When it comes to exchanging currency in Malmo, prefer banks as they offer the most profitable exchange rates for transaction.

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