What to Eat Before and After a Long Haul Flight

Jetting off for a summer vacation is anything but dreadful, except of course for the in-flight meals. We like to talk about the place, the food, the people and any other thing that meets the eye. But then, before all the fun and excitement, we have to endure being stuffed in the plane for hours.

Interestingly, it’s not even the length of time you spend up there that should make you worry. Instead, you should be more concerned about the in-flight meals which up till now have a dubious reputation. But don’t be too quick to blame the meals; that some ingredients taste better than others is entirely because your taste buds lose a bit of its bearing. Which is completely understandable considering the fact that you are somewhere 9000m above ground level. And this is exactly why you must watch what you eat before boarding and when you’re up there.

If you don’t want to end up completely bloated and dull at the end of your journey, then you must watch what goes into your mouth. You must ignore every urge to take in anything salty or fatty while waiting at the airport.

The tips that follow will teach you what to eat before and after a long haul flight so that you won’t be drained from the effect of jet lag.

Prepare Early to Eat Right

If you fail to plan your meal before leaving the house, then you might end up eating anything that comes your way. For breakfast, eat something that is rich in protein such as chia pudding. Other options are whole grain cereals or natural yoghurt. Fruits like orange, watermelon and berries are also great options.

Please stay away from oily foods; they don’t digest properly.

Eat Snacks or Dried Fruits While on The Plane

Take some snacks along.  Snacks are great while on board. You can prepare some while you’re still on terra firma. Make sure the snacks you take are healthy and can be easily transported. They should be non-perishable, at least for the duration of your travel. Popular choices here are energy bars, nuts (without salts), filled wraps and crackers. Avoid sugary foods for snacks because you will only end up getting tired and hungry soon.

If you’re not the snack type, then you can take some fruits along on the plane. Prepare the fruits at home by chopping and bagging them in a ziplock bag. Ideally, you can combine cucumber, carrots, red pepper, and vegetables. The vegetables should be refrigerated to make more it more palatable. Fresh fruits can also serve but it should be dry and not sticky.

And just in case you decide to settle for the plane food, then it should be the vegetarian meal option as it is lighter and more nutritious.

Carry Your Water Bottle Along

If you want to ease jet lag and fatigue, then avoid getting thirsty throughout your journey. In order words, stay hydrated before, during and after a long haul flight. Carry an empty water bottle along. Fill it before taking off and while on board. You can also take a little bit of alcohol to help ward off sleep.

Other foods you may consider that are both healthy and good for digestion are herbal tea, fennel and peppermint. Avoid drinks with caffeine as it can upset your sleep and make you frequently thirsty.

About the author:

William Benetton is a blogger, traveler and writer. He loves to travel and write on many kinds of sport and tourism.