8 Reasons Why Your Family Should Consider an All-Inclusive Vacation

There are about as many ways to take a vacation as there are families in the world, but if your idea of a good time includes choosing a different restaurant every night and exploring little local beaches every day, you might have overlooked an all-inclusive vacation as an option.

But maybe you should. Those who’ve never been on an all-inclusive tend to assume they mean being stuck eating from the same dreary buffet every night and never leaving the hotel gates or mingling with anyone other than tourists and resort staff. And it’s true that all-inclusive resorts can be like that, but many of them are not.

All-inclusives offer a great value family vacation that can be as adventurous and varied as you want it to be. Here’s a few reasons you and your family should consider an all-inclusive for your next vacation.

You get rid of the ‘I’m bored’ factor.

A good, family-oriented all-inclusive will have lots of things for the kids to do and plenty of opportunities for them to try new things. There should be a kids’ club included, so they can go to let off some steam and make friends while you get some alone time with your partner on the beach, by the pool, or out to dinner.

They might even want to spend some time hanging out with those new friends once they’ve left the club, and as all-inclusive resorts are generally very safe environments, you’ll probably be able to let them head off and enjoy playing together without you having to constantly supervise.

You’ll also get the chance to do new things as a family, without having to pay extra. If you’ve been wanting to try snorkeling, windsurfing or wakeboarding, an all-inclusive vacation could be the perfect opportunity to finally be able to.

You Won’t Need to Worry About Going Over Budget

It can be really difficult to stick to a budget on vacation. When you’re somewhere new, with lots of exciting things to see and do, it’s hard to keep saying no.

You don’t want the kids to miss out, so you say yes to everything and end up overspending. But on an all-inclusive vacation, you don’t have to think about money at all. Once you’ve paid, you’ve paid. Some resorts will even include diapers and milk for guests with babies.

Many of Them are Geared Toward Families

You won’t be mingling with couples on their honeymoons if you choose the right place. Something about all-inclusives that not everyone knows is that some are made for couples and some are made for families. It’s easy to tell by just looking at their websites and marketing materials.

This goes along with getting rid of the “I’m bored” factor. Families traveling together often can’t agree on what to do or what to see.

With these resorts, everything is right there for you, and for your kids. There’s activities made for adults and activities made for teens, babies, and every age in between.

You are Severely Underrating the Food

All-inclusive resorts generally make a lot of effort when it comes to food. There are exceptions, but if you choose your resort carefully, you should find that you’ll eat well.

The resorts know that because their guests eat with them daily, they have to give them something special. Food is often served buffet-style, which makes meals with kids easy and relaxed. In larger resorts, you’ll have a choice of restaurants, each offering different types of food with a la carte menus.

If your kids are fussy eaters, this set-up is ideal as there’s so much choice it’s difficult for them not to find something they want to eat. And if you do get bored of the resort menus, there’s nothing to stop you heading into town to a restaurant now and again.

After all, you don’t have any other spending to budget for, so a night or two out can be easily justified.

They are Always Located in Beautiful Places

All-inclusive resorts are usually in very well-chosen, attractive, popular locations.

You won’t get the same kind of experience that you’ll get if you stayed in a little boutique hotel in the center of town, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be isolated somewhere dull. Whatever your dream destination is, you’ll probably find there’s a great all-inclusive there.