The Five Things You Should Be Doing to Expand Your Brand Digitally

Becoming a household name these days means becoming a digital name first. Growing a brand digitally is like creating little billboards all around the Internet that can be found by clients looking for exactly what you’re offering. The reality is that integrating the digital world into your approaches for marketing and customer service is mandatory today. How can you grow your business digitally and still maintain a personal touch that sets your brand apart? Here are the top five ways to grow your business digitally and get more personal than ever before.

Be Easy to Find

Growing your digital presence effectively all comes down to building your local presence and highlighting your specialty. It’s a good idea to invest some time, energy and money into SEO to make your website or social media pages easier to find. The keywords you choose to focus on should reflect the geographical areas you work in or the distinguishing services that you offer. It’s also essential to have a carefully curated presence on social media. Pairing the happy testimonials and envy-inducing photos of satisfied clients with relevant keywords is a very effective way to get found by new clients and elevate your status online.

Be the Quickest

People don’t have the time or patience to sit around and wait for information these days. This is why it’s important to have tools at your fingertips that allow you to compile options and pricing for clients at the drop of a hat. You simply don’t have the luxury of letting inquiries and replies sit unread in inboxes while potential clients are moving on to the next thing. Having the ability to send clients information that can be accessed using a quick link, chat function or in-app messaging feature instantly is going to get the conversation where it should be. There’s a good chance that you could land a client based on the fact that you were able to provide an answer before any of the other options they contacted.

Present Information Beautifully

You probably already know that having an elegant website is important. However, a lot of professionals drop the ball when it comes to how follow-up visuals appear to clients. What about when new clients reach out and request specific information? Sending clients documents full of rows, columns and numbers that are hard to understand is a sure way to turn them off. Visual presentation is a big deal if you’re trying to get people to understand and pay attention to what you’re offering. Having a uniform, branded system for presenting information will help clients to compare options more easily without feeling frustrated or confused.

Create and Host Irresistible Content

A big part of growing your digital presence is creating must-read content that keeps people coming back for more. This means providing tips, stories and insights that make people check in with your brand regularly to discover valuable tidbits that they can use or share. Getting people to connect with your content and trust it is something that can be achieved once you establish a friendly, authoritative voice.

Get the Right Tools for Social Media and Digital Updates

It’s possible to enjoy a robust online presence without devoting every moment to posting on social media, creating promotional events or updating the content on your website. There are many tools and programs that allow you to stack activity in advance and then schedule it to update online at strategic times. Having an automated tool to schedule postings on social media is essential if you want to strategically post updates during times that get the biggest views.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Grow Digitally

Growing your business digitally requires both impeccable digital tools and a genuine personal touch. The big thing to take away is that consistency is one of the most important factors when trying to grow your business digitally. It’s essential to update your website and social media pages regularly to stay visible and easy to find. You also have to keep the momentum going even after a potential client reaches out. Maintaining the same elegant visuals and friendly touch that you use for your digital marketing when following up can make clients feel like they’re in good hands.

About the Author

Alex Alexakis is a UI Designer, SEO addict that helps businesses with their branding and SEO through his business PixelChefs. After hours he likes good food, Weimaraners, and toy robots. He has boldly build digital businesses by designing for conversion and offering a no-nonsense approach to internet marketing.