Top 10 Places to Visit in Kenya

Kenya is known worldwide for its legendary game reserves and prime wildlife viewing. East African Rift Valley provides the country with a unique climate which makes Kenya one of the most-visited locations in Africa, especially for Safari fans.

It’s beautiful coastline along the Indian Ocean also attracts thousands of tourists yearly. Plenty of fabulous beaches can be found around Mombasa and Malindi. Kenya is also known for its multicultural cities which reveal every side of life in Africa. If you desire to plunge into African life, then visiting at least a couple of Kenyan cities should a must.

Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara can be called the most famous safari park on the planet. Annually, thousands of travelers from the whole world are magnetized by this place. This National Reserve displays the archetypal backcountry of the East African Rift. Its rising and falling savannah plains are infused with galloping zebra herds, giraffes, Cape buffalo, and other wild species. People come here to get safari experience while watching the Great Migration. Seeing in own eyes the legendary Big Five of African mammals is a must for every tourist in Kenya.

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is another great place for safari fans. It is one of the most visited safari parks in the Eastern Africa. Moreover, the park has a perfect location – below the immense outline of Mount Kilimanjaro! Only in this National Reserve, you can meet one the largest elephant herds on the continent.

Lamu Island

Lamu Island is not big. However, it keeps on hosting the most historically rich town in Kenya. Bobbing dhows, sandbanks, mangrove swamps and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean circle this marvelous piece of paradise.

Lamu Old Town is a much-visited historic port by tourists.  UNESCO included it in its heritage list for the exhibition of time-honored Swahili building methods. On the island, you can also find plenty of mosques and fascinating ports from past centuries.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate covers the territory of over 70 square kilometers. It is located in the midst of southern Kenya between Nairobi and the country town of Nakuru. Here you will enjoy the great natural beauty. Startling impressive rock formations define the park. They rise like splinters from the old ground. This place is known to have inspired The Lion King cartoon by Walt Disney Studios because the Park`s canyons are full of lions and buffalos.

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is nearly the largest and oldest national park in East Africa. It is also the most popular safari location in the whole world. Everyone will be enchanted by the exceptional natural beauty of the swaying savannah grasses, the sun-baked highlands, and red-hued rocks.

The flow of the Athi River delineates the eastern part of Tsavo Park. Thus, it gives way to one of the biggest lava channels on the planet titled the great stones of Yatta. In this park, you will also be amazed by the abundance of animals – from rare cheetahs, cape buffalos, and huge ground pangolins to white-tailed mongooses.


Mombasa is one of the most mysterious and wonderful places to visit in Kenya. The architecture and the whole history of this ancient city were directly influenced by great Arabic and Portuguese rulers. On Mombasa streets, you will find plenty of grand mosques and colonial edifices. Old Town of Mombasa and the City Port are the places of great tourist interest. The city is also known for its fabulous beaches stretching along Bamburi to the picturesque Shanzu palm tree groves.

Samburu National Reserve

The Samburu National Reserve is called the heart of Kenya. The Reserve is stretching hundreds of miles from the Indian Ocean to the highlands that define East Africa. Flat-topped acacia trees represent the terrain of Samburu National Reserve. Its wildlife is also plentiful. Here you will meet Tanzanian cheetahs, lions and gazelles, crocodiles, waterbucks, and unique olive baboons.


The town of Malindi is known for its old mosque towers and tin-shack homes built centuries ago.  This ancient trading city is located on the charming Indian Ocean coast. Malindi has recently turned into the favorite location of both American and European visitors who desire to taste the sun and salt waters of the very heart of East Africa. In this town, you will find various monuments to the great Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama. The great pillar in this honor marks the center of Malindi. Many shops, markets, bars and restaurants will undoubtedly brighten up your stay in this multicultural Kenyan town.  

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru can be found in the center of its own National Reserve. This original masterpiece rises above the Great Rift Valley. Gorgeous meadows and acacia groves have been surrounding it for centuries. Tourists from the whole planet adore Lake Nakuru for its diverse array of birdlife. During the most of the year, millions of pink flamingos live on the lake.


Nyeri is a so-called gateway and the capital of the Central Highlands of Kenya. From the first glance, Nyeri is a dirty transport hub, with thousands of rickshaws and purring scooters moving between the marketplaces. On the other hand, its fortunate location on the edge of the Aberdare Mountains allows reaching the Aberdare National Park quickly. This place is a real paradise for Cape buffalos, African wild dogs, leopards, rhinos, lions, giant forest hogs, and many other native species. Moreover, the South-western Mau Reserve and Mount Suswa make Nyeri a real attraction for all tourists who adore active rest.

Numerous other attractions surround us in Kenya. No matter what you choose to see first, you will get real enjoyment while visiting this gorgeous country.

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