Off to the Land of the Union Jack? How to Plan Your First Trip to London

London welcomes millions of international business travelers each year. If you have never been to this important global city, you may wonder how to prepare for your journey. Use these strategies to make your upcoming business trip to London a success.

Read Up on Safety Precautions

International travel has become fraught with security concerns. Your trip may go off without a hitch. Still, you should read up on any safety precautions recommended for people who plan to visit London in the near future. You can find the latest safety tips by visiting the state department’s website or by staying abreast of the most current global news.

Book Your Accommodations

London is home to scores of world class hotels that offer every comfort and amenity. Still, when you want more relaxing accommodations, you may consider booking a private London vacation rental. A flat, perhaps. Flats allow you privacy and comfort that you may not experience when you stay in a hotel. A flat can also be a viable solution for prolonged stays during which you might want to make your own meals or do your own laundry without having to use facilities provided by a hotel.

Pinpoint Places to Eat

Londoners sometimes enjoy foods not commonly eaten by Americans or other international visitors. When you are less than eager to embrace the local fare, you may want to know where you can get meals that are more in line with what you eat at home.

You can find London eateries worth visiting by using restaurant locators like those offered by media organizations like the BBC. You also can buy your own groceries at local markets and make meals in the comfort of your own hotel room or flat.

Know the Currency Exchange Rate

The American dollar has been notably weaker than international money, making it less valuable than the British pound. Before you exchange your dollars, you should know what the rate is and how many pounds you will get for every dollar. By knowing the exchange rate, you can plan your finances accordingly. This precaution ensures that you will not run short of cash when you are visiting London on a business trip.

Make Sure Your Cell Phone Will Work

The cell phone that you use at home may not work once you get to London. Many domestic cell phones are not designed for use overseas. Before you depart, you should check with your carrier to make sure your cell phone will work. If it will not, you should buy a phone that will work or purchase a prepaid cell phone and talk time minutes once you get to London.

Pack for Rain

London is one of the rainiest and most overcast cities in the world. Even during the summer months of July and August, this city will experience rainfall that can fall as heavy deluges to thin drizzle. Even if the weather is sunny and balmy at home, you should pack plenty of rain gear before you leave for London. An umbrella, raincoat, and galoshes could be welcomed additions to the other essentials you plan on bringing with you. Further, if you are prone to sinus infections or head colds during damp weather, you should bring along saline nasal spray or decongestants to help stave off health conditions that may be aggravated by persistent rainfall.

London is home to thousands of important global businesses and corporations that invite millions of business travelers each year to the city. When a visit to London is on your calendar this year, you may wonder how to prepare for your upcoming journey. Use these suggestions to get the most out of your trip and avoid pitfalls like running out of cash or going hungry.