12 of the Best Cities to Visit in the United States

The United States of America is the world 3rd biggest country in terms of land area. Millions of tourist visit USA every year.

1. New York

By far the most popular city in the USA, every year 50 million people visit this city and it mainly attracts the foreign visitor. This city offers everything one can see tall buildings, famous landmark like Statue of Liberty, Central parks, time square, eat in the best restaurants and go shopping.2

2. San Francisco

Most beautiful city according to the US citizens, it offers beautiful beaches, amazing sceneries, delicious restaurants, shopping areas, operas, bars, and museums. It has one of the biggest Chinatowns and the main attraction of the city is its golden gate bridge.     

3. Los Angeles

In the USA, it is the third most visited city and is a very diverse city. Its main attractions are Hollywood Hills, Walt Disney music park, Disneyland, Griffith Park, Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountain. Visitors will enjoy its exotic restaurants, theme parks, museums and comfortable hotels.   

4. Las Vegas

If one is looking for enjoyment than Las Vegas is the best place as it is labeled as “Entertainment Capital of the world”. Gambling, casino, and the colorful neon light come to one’s mind when one’s think about Las Vegas.    

5. Orlando

It is known as the amusement park capital of the USA. Walt Disneyland is the famous tourist attraction of the city and other things it offers are shopping malls, food restaurants, golf courses and outdoor activities.

6. Charleston

Charleston is the coastal city of the USA and it offers historical places, tasty southern food, stunning architectures and soothing beaches.

7. Jackson Hole

It is a beautiful valley, which is gaining attraction of the tourist. It is a perfect place for winter vacations because in winter one can go for snow skiing, snowmobiling and ice-skating and in summer one can go for hiking, golfing, rafting and horse riding.   

8. Anchorage

It is Alaska’s most populated city known as “The city of lights and flowers” and is heaven for hikers, skiers, flora and fauna watcher, and angler. This city offers museums, zoos, shops, nightclubs and bars, and for nature’s lover, it offers Northern Lights.

9. Miami

Best place for beach lover as it has clear blue water beaches and is very to the Caribbean. Apart from beaches, it offers the beautiful sight of architecture designs and the sight of luxurious and classical cars.

10. Washington, D.C.

If you to learn about the history of American then you should visit the capital, Washington D.C. named after George Washington, one of the founders of America. You should visit Washington Monument, White House, Lincoln Memorial, World War 2 Memorial and John F. Kennedy Center. In spring, people from all over the world come to see cherry blossoms.

11. Chicago

Chicago offers incredible experiences to a variety of visitors; for art lovers, it offers fantastic art galleries; for food lovers, it offers finest restaurants; for shopping lover, it offers many shopping areas and fashion designers stores. Others great things it offers are a view of Lake Michigan from the top of the hotel, hotel with state of art architecture, over 40 different world class museums and most excellent architecture designs like Sears Tower.      

12. Sedona

Excellent place for people who have an interest in astronomy or stargazing as it offers them an excellent and clear view of shooting stars, stars, planets, nebulas, galaxies and star clusters that will leave you astonished. The main attraction of Sedona is red sandstone, which glows bright red and orange when facing the sun and this red sandstone is a favorites spot for mountain hikers and bikers.


These are the 12 must-see cities for tourists who are visiting the USA and by visiting this place one will have a complete and memorable experience for the rest of the life.  


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