Discovering Papua: Top Places to See

Papua New Guinea is an area noted for its cultural and biological diversity, and it is for these reasons that thousands of visitors flock to the country each year. In addition, Papua offers stunning attractions that are unlike those anywhere else in the world. Here are the top places to see while in Papua.

Sepik River

The Sepik River is known for being the longest river in New Guinea, and therefore it is a top destination for those traveling to the country. When visiting the Sepik you will be able to catch glimpses of a way of life that has been all but forgotten, as men and women traverse the waters in wooden dugout canoes trading goods and fishing. The river is also one of the best opportunities to see crocodiles and other aquatic wildlife that call the river home.

Mount Wilhelm

If you are looking to get outdoors and do some hiking while in Papua, then Mount Wilhelm is the place that you will want to visit. The mountain is the highest peak in the country at 4509 meters, and it offers spectacular views of the surrounding environment. It takes two days to reach the summit of the mountain, so it is recommended that only fit climbers take part in the arduous trek.

Port Moresby Nature Park

The Port Moresby Nature Park is the most popular zoo in Papua, being home to expansive botanical gardens and a variety of wildlife. In fact, the zoological facility has more than 150 different species of animals, both those native to the country and also non-native specimens. If you are unable to travel into the forests of Papua or you are short on time, the nature park is the best place to get a glimpse of the island’s wildlife.

National Museum and Art Gallery

If you are looking to learn about the culture and history of Papua then the National Museum and Art Gallery is a must-see. The facility houses more than 30,000 artifacts that will keep visitors entertained for hours. In addition to the natural specimens, the museum has an array of items that were used in more modern times, such as World War II. The art gallery is smaller in size than the museum, but it is continually growing as new pieces are added.

Amelia Earhart Memorial

There is perhaps no mystery as intriguing as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in the 1920’s and today it is still a popular topic. The memorial marks the spot where Earhart’s final, tragic flight began. The monument is relatively small, but it is still worth checking out for anyone who is intrigued by the famous aviator.

Baiyer River Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Western Highlands Province of Papua, the Baiyer River Wildlife Sanctuary is a park that encompasses 740 hectares of the country’s ecosystem. The sanctuary offers a chance to hike among the diverse ecosystem that makes up New Guinea while providing trekkers with scenic views of the beautiful landscape. Some of the regions most famous animals are tree kangaroos and possums, both of which can be found in the surrounding forests.


There are few places in the world as unique as the country of Papua New Guinea, and therefore it is a top destination for travelers seeking adventure. If you are visiting Papua, make sure to take a trip to the Sepik River or the Baiyer River Wildlife Sanctuary to see the region’s wildlife in its natural habitat. In addition, consider heading to the National Museum and Art Gallery where you can view thousands of items that helped to form the history of the country. When you are planning your next excursion, be sure to check out these top places to see in Papua.


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