Create an Irresistible Learning Experience by Traveling Alone

Travelling is the only thing which can buy the happiness. As someone who has a great love for travelling, only he or she can understand the worth of those precious moments which you spend in travelling. All the new things that you learn, all the places that you discover and all the new activities that you do can only be done while travelling. That is why a wise man once said that the world is a book and the one who do not travel read only one page. That is why to read this entire book which is full of fun and adventure; you need to travel as much as you can. However, the question that the travelers often get remains unanswered. What is the best way to travel? With the company of others or alone?

In my view, travelling alone is better than having the company of same old people who always remain around you. If you want to experience the real meaning of travelling, travel alone because only by travelling alone you can create these irresistible learning experiences which are listed below.

Will earn the chance to meet amazing people:

While travelling with friends or family can be a lot of fun, but you will only find yourself surrounded by the same people no matter where you go. This is why you will miss the chance to meet the amazing people of the place in which you are travelling. The interactions with the local people will help you to learn their cultures and traditions and even sometimes the local invites the solo travellers to their home for a supper or high tea which can be an amazing experience for you to learn the household lives of the local people. Travel alone and increase your chances of becoming the part of social lives of the local people.

Experience the absolute freedom:

You will be on your own, and you do not have to change your plans because of someone in your group. You can stay wherever you want, how much you want. Moreover, you will travel according to your schedule and will make local friends who can take you on those sights at which the normal tourist cannot go. You will probably extend your plan after finding more things about the place in which you are travelling and can even travel off roads. You will be on your own, and no one will be there for whom you have to do any changings in your plan. All the changes which you will be according to your will and you will have the absolute freedom to do it.

Take you out of your comfort zones:

Travelling alone is far more challenging than travelling in the group. You will find yourself doing such things which you usually doesn’t do in your home and always rely on others for this. However, there could be some safety measures while travelling alone but with some common sense and by doing a little research on the place you are about to travel can help you out on many occasions. Check out the hotels, feedbacks of the travelers who visited that place before and especially the weather of that location so you can ensure you are 100% equipped to face any man-made or natural situation.

Fall in love:

There are many movies has been made on falling in love while travelling alone through the cities. The majority of the movie stories are fictional however falling in love while travelling alone is something that often happens in our society. Because you meet new people, there are high chances of finding someone who shares the same interests, dreams and goals like you which I think is enough to fall in love with someone.

Moreover, if you have a partner already and if he or she is allowing you to travel alone which is highly unlikely, then you would appreciate his or her company after coming back from the long tour. All the time you will spend away from him or her will realize you his importance which is good for any relationships.

Helps in taking enjoying without thinking about all the daily atrocities of life:

One of the best thing about travelling alone is that no one would be there to remind you of the things you need to face again after your return to home. No one will even say anything about your stressful life back home. Either you are studying hard or working too much, travelling alone is the best and only way to take a break from all these things and a chance to enjoy yourself with nature only.

Helps to find a new person in you:

When you step foot out of your home for travelling alone, you not only leave the comfort of your bed but also leave your personality and the character which you possess. Travelling alone gives you a chance to find a new person in you because you are going to a new place where no one is going to judge you. Moreover, you are not going to stay there for your entire life, so you have to behave in front of them. This is your chance to discover a new person in you. Either something you always wanted to be or something which you want to change your life but your friends and family were not letting you change. Travelling alone is your chance to change and to discover a better person from inside.

Allows you to go extreme:

While accompanied by the friends and family, you could limit yourself to doing something which the people around you would not expect from you. You will either shy to do it or you will back off from it just because you do not want your friends to think that you are a certain type of person. However, while travelling alone, you do not have to worry about it because there would be no one to judge you and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. By travelling alone, you can touch the extremes of your real personality, and no one will even judge you on this. You can express yourself as much as you want and will cherish the worth of being alone with nature.

Get a chance to know the foreign cultures deeper:

While touring any country with others, you will only visit famous places and the tourist attractions that every year thousands of people visit and see. Nothing is amazing in it because it is something which everyone does. However, while travelling alone, you can go extreme. Travelling alone allows you to know the foreign cultures deeper and to know or see those places which are still unseen from a lot of the tourists. This is your chance to know the dark sides of the cultures and people of the country which you can never explore in the company of others.

Makes you brave enough to stand alone:

Travelling in an entirely unknown place where you know no one and doesn’t even know the local language entirely is not an easy thing to do. This is what you learn while travelling alone. Travelling alone makes you brave enough to stand alone in the uncertain and unknown situations. Teach you how to cope with the situations and control it before it gets worse. Makes you more socially active and teaches you how to find the way when everything is against you.


About the Author

Ivan Hamlin is a Master in Literature from the University of Yale, and he is the fond of traveling and writing about the travelling. He also gives dissertation help through his online academic writing company to the students who need it.