3 Places in Europe With Traditional American Food

Some of the pleasure of visiting Europe is eating the local cuisine. No visit to France would be complete without a traditional French meal, of course. But suppose you’re an American in Europe, homesick for a more classically American fare. What’s a hungry person to do? Why, visit these three American food-themed European restaurants, of course. 

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Breakfast in America, Paris

B.I.A. for short, this Parisian chain does not take reservations, so expect a bit of a wait to dine on American-style breakfast (and lunch) foods. The franchise was founded by American Craig Carlson, a screenwriter, and filmmaker who came to France to work on a television project. He longed for American breakfast foods since the customary French breakfast consists of coffee and a madeleine. 

The menu includes breakfast items that include blueberry pancakes with genuine maple syrup, omelets, bagels with cream cheese, and donuts. Breakfast foods are served all day, and the lunch/dinner menu is served from noon until close. It is open during breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours, and breakfast foods are served all day. Lunch items include a wide variety of burgers, said to be some of the best Paris has to offer. Wraps like the California chicken wrap, chicken wings, chili con carne, and chili cheese fries are some of the other non-European favorites. 

Breakfast in America has three Parisian locations: On the Rue des Ecoles in the Latin Quarter, on the Rue Mahler in the Marais district, and on the Rue des Jeûneurs near the Grands Boulevards.

Flippin’ Burgers, Stockholm

This single-location Swedish establishment, located in Stockholm’s Vasastaden district (Vasastan to the locals), opened in 2013. Stockholm residents can also use an app to follow Flippin’ Burgers’ electric-blue food truck, which offers “slider” versions of its burgers. 

Burgers are the main focus, naturally, with fries, shakes, a selection of American draft beers, and craft beers on the side, although wine is also available. In the Swedish take on American food, burgers are made with only local, grass-fed, free-range beef. Eaters who eschew red meat can try the bean-based veggie burger patty. 

Milkshakes made with organic milk and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream are also offered, and ice cream floats come with or without an alcoholic boost. For cheese fries, order Cheezus Fries Superstar. Flippin’ Burgers doesn’t take reservations, so just like at Breakfast in America, you may be in for a short wait. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. 

Captain Americas Cookhouse and Bar, Ireland

This franchise has nothing to do with the red, white, and blue-spangled superhero but everything to do with American-style food. Burgers are once again the star of the menu, made in this case with 100% Irish beef. Captain Americas (no apostrophe) has two locations in Dublin – one on Grafton Street and the other in Blanchardstown – and a third location in Cork. The Grafton location was the original, founded in 1971. 

Burger options include the Hawaiian, the Hellfire (with jalapeño and chipotle peppers), and the New Yorker. Diners can also choose from salads, vegetarian and chicken dishes, and stone-fired pizzas or from a wide selection of sloppy joes. The appetizers menu includes all the American favorites from nachos to mozzarella sticks to loaded to potato skins, and desserts range from traditionally American soda fountain ice cream treats, malts, and shakes to local Irish baked goods. 

Captain Americas is open from noon until late night, seven days a week. Making a reservation at least 24 hours ahead of time is recommended. 


Many of the fast food chains ubiquitous to American cities and towns have franchises in Europe. For those diners who crave something truly different, yet uniquely American, these European restaurants strike the right balance between casual U.S.A.-style dining and Continental food flare.


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