10 of the Most Underrated Places to Visit

Traveling is getting easier every year and tourists from all over the world pack their suitcases. It is high time to start your journey to the most exciting places. If you come to visit any extensive, overpopulated and far-famed city, you will notice that 80% of crowd on the central square is tourists. However, the only disadvantage of today’s traveling is that streets are overwhelmed with curious visitors. If you prefer traveling alone and would like to enjoy beautiful landscapes without a bunch of noisy travelers, here is a list of the most underrated places to travel. Basically, these underrated vacation spots are as beautiful as those which are pretty famous, therefore they are cheaper and less crowded.

1. Kyiv, Ukraine

Unfortunately, these days such country as Ukraine is well-known for its external conflict with Russia, which has been constantly highlighted in the press. However, many tourists do not even realize that Ukraine is full of astonishing places and has plenty to show. The majority of European tourists, who have already visited this land, spend their time in Lviv, which is considered to be “soul” of Ukraine. All in all, its capital – Kyiv, is worthy attention. This city can fulfill even the most controversial demands and tastes. It is an inspirational historical and modern part of the country, which brings you 300-500 years back, mixed with the modern one, which has the same skyscrapers like those in China or Japan. Kyiv has a huge showcase of places of interests, though the prices are affordable and the customer service is on the highest level.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

As a rule, cold countries such as Iceland, Greenland or Norway contain a lot of breathtaking places to visit, but those are quite underrated travel destinations. If you are not afraid of catching up flu, pack your things and head to Reykjavik! These unbelievably marvelous landscapes which admire even the most experienced travelers are a must-see. Although, Reykjavik cannot offer you many places to visit, but the steamy hot pools outside in the center of the eternal snow will warm your soul. The whole city is worth your attention. It differs from what you have seen because of ice and snow, which is literally everywhere!

3. Detroit, USA

This city is now on the list of underrated travel regions because of its abandonment nature. However, if you wanted to see what world will be like after Apocalypse, visit Detroit. It has a very specific magnetism thanks to its vague beauty, desolation, and deformation. Detroit nowadays has become an art platform, so if you want to spend a day or two in a “post-apocalyptic city”, Motor City is the best place to visit.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

This city is a wonderful mix of Amsterdam architecture, Venetian channels, and Italian hospitality, but it is forgotten by tourists with no reason. Copenhagen’s main problem is the lack of advertisement, and people even don’t recognize how much they miss while traveling across the Europe. Copenhagen is an extraordinary city, but its flowing streets stay forever in your heart and may become a dream place for every tourist.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Although Budapest is a European capital – its popularity rating is low. People who traveled to Budapest admit that it reminds of the Medieval Europe with its gothic architecture and sinister banks of a well-known river Danube. If you visit Budapest at least once you will stay there forever because it has all pros of the city for: living, developing and entertaining. If you went on tour across the Europe, pay extra attention to this place.

6. Kathmandu, Nepal

The other world is opening in the capital of Nepal – Kathmandu. Difficult to understand why this city is one of the underrated vacation destinations, because it attracts people a lot, therefore not everyone is brave enough to head there. Kathmandu is fair to call the “soul” of Asia. A spirit of peace and calm is following you along with adorable landscapes of virgin nature. If you are looking for peace, get around Nepal – you will find it there.

7. “Ring of Kerry”, Ireland

“Ring of Kerry” is not a city, but a touristic route through the most ancient sightseeing in Ireland. It is pretty cheap, has stunning views and dips you in the times of Vikings. Irish are friendly, so don’t wait for “barbarous” hospitality. If England hadn’t taken the whole fame of  this “country of fog”, then Ireland would have been more popular with tourists.

8. The Azores, Portugal

The Azores is an archipelago of nine islands, which amazes tourists with dark landscapes and the number of volcanoes. This is number one in the list of the most underrated places to visit. It is a perfect place for an artist who is inspired by nature or just for people can appreciate such beauty. There is no point in imagining its scale, try to go and see it with your own eyes.

9. Cusco, Peru

The heart of the Inca Empire is forgotten by tourists now because of the glory of Machu Picchu. Cusco used to be the center of Inca Empire, before the Spanish invasion. Now, we can only see a result of it such as mix in architecture styles and in humans’ mindset. This the most affordable place in South America will reveal all the ancient beauty for those who dare to visit it.

10. Honduras

Such a small and interesting country as Honduras is the least visited country in the world. At the first sight, it has nothing special for tourist, but its obvious similarity with Costa Rica is easy to see. The only difference is that Honduras offers low prices, people are friendlier, wildlife is more varied and tourists almost never take a trip there.


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