Cape Town: 5 Hidden Beaches to Avoid the Crowds

Spring is almost here so everyone has started thinking about their great next holiday. For those who already imagine themselves under the Sun and feeling the white sand under their feet, Cape Town is the land of magic where they could make such dreams come true. Apart from the popular beaches in that area, there are also hidden lands of endless sand and sun where people choose to go every year in search of perfect seclusion and relaxation. We have discovered five such hidden beaches where you can avoid the crowd this year in Cape Town.

Diaz Beach, A Unique Land of Sunny Magic in Cape Town

Diaz Beach is a gorgeous location to consider if you are passionate about holidays spent on the sand and in calm waters. Joggling with the waves, relaxing under the sun and enjoying sports activities on the beach is what you will be able to do there. This beach is popular among certain tourists only and is not as crowded as other famous ones in Cape Town. If you are looking to have an unforgettable experience on a secluded beach, this is a great option to consider.

The views in the area are gorgeous and will give you the chance to create some great memories with your life partner and friends. This is the kind of holiday destination where you can feel alive and enjoy the summer magic without trying to set yourself apart from any crowd. Its unspoiled shoreline as well as the crashing waves it features transform any short or long break into a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. The towering cliff faces and the unrivalled beauty of this beach will make it your favorite place to go when you wish to recharge your batteries and feel like you have entered a new world in which there is no stress, only perfect relaxation.

Platboom Beach: The Natural, Unspoiled Reserve of Cape Town

Next on our list of well-hidden secrets in terms of gorgeous beaches in Cape Town is Platboom Beach. This is the natural reserve of this town and a land that has remained as wild and unspoiled as ever. This is a magical place where you can spend unforgettable moments with your friends this summer. You can spend entire days on the beach, have your daily picnic near the waves and engage in long, pleasant walks across the coastline.

If you feel like this summer is the right time to recharge your batteries and start a new life, this can be achieved in this place. You will love the pretty dunes that separate the parking area from the endless land of gorgeous sand. You will also be able to witness the real birdlife which is quite prolific there. Get ready to see sandpipers, gulls and kiewiete every day on your next magical holiday in Cape Town.  This will give you the chance to go back home with an endless list of amazing memories to share with your family and friends.

Victoria Bay Beach: The Secret Beach Enclosed by Rugged Cliffs

Victoria Bay Beach is another land that remains the secret place for summer holidays for those tourists interested in having a special experience on the sand. This beach seems to have been taken directly from a fairytale. It lies under a huge cove and it is perfectly hidden by mysterious, rugged cliffs. Victoria Bay is one of the most secluded bays on the famous Garden Route.

Although numerous tourists cross pass that area every year, only few of them have adventured there to discover the secret beach behind the imposing cliffs. Those who have adventured in the area have discovered a small yet highly entertaining sandy spot where they could spend the best holiday of their life.

Glen Beach: A Secluded, Quiet Beach Close to Camps Bay

Also, a quite sandy land where you can spend your summer holidays is Glen Beach. This is also the perfect place for those who love the sun and wish to get as far away as possible from the wind that characterizes Camps Bay.

This peaceful beach is well hidden behind the sand dunes and the interesting granite boulders. You will see a lot of small bungalows surrounding it as well as the imposing Twelves Apostles Mountains that make up a perfect looming backdrop for this beach.

Camps Bay, Hidden Land of Secret Beach Fun in South Africa

We will end our list of secret beaches in Cape Town today with Camps Bay. Only the locals have discovered their way around this secret beach where they go to picnic and play away from the crowd. A few adventurous tourists have also discovered this magical beach in the last few years but this has not yet become a crowded place where everyone goes.

Therefore, if you are searching for a secluded place where you could spend a marvelous summer holiday, Camps Bay is a perfect option. Safe swimming is enabled in the area and the beauty of this magical land is truly unspoiled. Spend the best holiday ever on the beach and find perfect accommodation in gorgeous Camps Bay villas.