The World of Millennial Travel (With Infographic)

The world has changed substantially in recent years solely as a result of the influence of one huge factor and that is the Internet. Advances in technology now mean that people literally have the world at their fingertips and those who have been born into this flux of change are now growing up using that technology. Other generations, the Babyboomers, the Generation Zs and so on have had to adapt in order to keep up but Millennials don’t know any different.

As a result, the Millennial generation has different demands or needs and this is amplified when they travel. At home, they are used to having their WIFI fully accessible; travel brings up issues of password access, payment for WIFI and so on.

The Millennial generation is also accustomed to user generated content and some even rely on the advice of total strangers before making a hotel booking for example. This “advice” is manifested on review sites such as Tripadvisor and the like. Hotels, tour operators and the whole travel industry have had to adapt to this new type of traveler and it has required a great deal of work and it will continue to require work as technology advances.

This infographic from Killarney Hotels outlines some key statistical trends and other information that might be useful and interesting to those in the travel niche.