Top Ghosting Hunting Places to Visit in Australia for a Spooky Experience

The world is well known for its paranormal activity and whether you believe or not, there’s definitely something that is spooky about certain locations of the world. Australia is well known for its great ghost hunting experiences with some truly memorable locations that will give you something to haunt you for the rest of your life. This guide will give you the top scariest ghost hunting places in Australia that will deliver a spooky experience to all. Let’s get started.

Best Places To Visit For A Ghost Hunting Experience

1. Monte Cristo Homestead, NSW

The Monte Cristo Homestead is located in Junee NSW and is one of the most haunted homes in NSW. The Monte Cristo Homestead is currently occupied by Reginald Ryan and Olive, his wife, who first saw strange activity in the homestead back in 1963.

From their stories when returning home to their homestead one foggy night they saw a brilliant light coming out of every door and window of the house which turned on and off in the darkness. The story of Monte Cristo Homestead is well known with the locals and many have seen strange occurrences when passing by the homestead. It’s said that the former occupants, the Crawley family still reside in the residence and appear at random intervals.

Some of the paranormal activity that has occurred over the years has said to have been ghost children throwing tantrums near the staircase where one child once died, phantom haunting noises, footsteps, strange apparitions, dead and mutilated cats in the kitchen, as well as other ghost figures appearing over beds and in the windows.

Ghost tours are available; however, they are booked out months in advance so you need to book now for your chance to see ghosts up close and personal at the Monte Cristo Homestead.

2. Boggo Road Jail, QLD

Boggo Road Jail in QLD is one of Australia’s most infamous prisons. It was well known for its tough wardens and tough inmates. Until 1913, Boggo Jail was holding executions on a regular basis and held some of the most deadliest women and men in Australia’s history

Some of the hardcore criminals that were housed there were James Finch and Andrew Stuart, the Whiskey Au-Go-Go firebombers, and Ellen Thomson, the only woman who was hung during this time. During its operations, many people died from fatal overcrowding, executions and rooftop riots. Ghost tours are now available to the public and people who go on a ghost tour may encounter ghosts and apparitions from those who were executed for their crimes many years ago.  

3. Studley Park House, NSW

Studley Park House is located in NSW and is said to be home to the ghosts of two boys who died there across the years. Ray Blackstone was 14 years old in 1909 when he drowned in a dam after rescue attempts failed. Until he was buried, he was placed in the then Camden Grammar School’s cold dark cellar. Another three decades later, another 13-year-old boy Noel William Gregory died in the newly transformed school from appendicitis. Today it’s said that many encounters with the boys have been experienced by those who visit the house. People have said they have witnessed the boys playing together from time to time reminding those who see them of their tragic loss at a young life.

4. Fremantle Arts Centre, WA

While it’s seen as a bustling cultural arts hub, Fremantle Arts Centre used to be a lunatic asylum which housed some of the most insane people across Australia. While it has been transformed into an arts centre to date, visitors have reported about different experiences they’ve had including ghostly touches, cold spots, apparitions, strange feelings and moving lights.

This 150-year old building has seen its many deaths in the past which are said to have contributed to the ghostly apparitions that many have encountered along the way. Ghost hunters have investigated the centre recently and have heard voices which claimed to say ‘it’s not cold’ and ‘those are chains’ coming from inside the building walls.

5. Port Arthur, TAS

Port Arthur is probably well known for the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996 but before this Port Arthur saw hundreds of men and women die during the first convict settlement era. Many have said that many of the people who have died have become lost and still hang around.

When staying in Port Arthur some of the local accommodation venues have an unusual occurrence form which can be filled out if you’ve see something that was strange or ghostly. One of the most popular visions that have said to be seen over the years is from the Lady in Blue. The Lady in Blue is said to be a woman who died in childbirth while weeping. Her spirit haunts the district still to this day. To date Port Arthur visitors over the last two decades have said that they’ve seen over 2000 apparitions from just accommodation form collections. No wonder many ghost hunters are visiting this place regularly.

Ghosts and paranormal activity is said to be found in a number of places across Australia. As you can see from the above, these are the most noticeable that many people still visit today to have a paranormal experience of their own. So, are you ready to have your own paranormal adventure?

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