How to Get the Best Cruise Deal to Travel to Antarctica Within Your Budget?

Remote wilderness, dramatic icebergs, glacial lagoons, deep-diving seals and breaching whales make Antarctica an ultimate place to visit before you die. If you are planning to visit the continent, traveling through a Cruise Ship is always the best option because it will provide you with safer transportation, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals and all other entertainments.  

Want to Visit Antartica within Your Budget?

The cruises usually leave from Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia but the costs vary from port to port. A cruise trip of 11-22 days may cost you approximately 6,000-12,000 US dollars which might be quite a big amount for someone wishing to travel within the budget. So if you think it a big amount to pay, you can grab last minute deals which will surely cut a lot of amount in the total cost.

Get Last Minute Deals at Amazingly Lower Prices

The last minute deals are offered all the times because the majority of the people prefer to book in advance to avoid any trouble in the last moments. The major reason for giving last minute deal is that giving a room to a passenger at a lower price is much better than leaving it empty and this is the point which comes in your favor when you are planning to travel to Antarctica within your limited budget.

Major Factors to Consider While Planning Your Trip

Suitable Season

Remember that the cruises to Antarctica drive only in summer season between November to March and it simply means you need to schedule accordingly. During summer, the temperature remains between -6°C to +10°C while during the winter season it is extremely danger as the temperature reaches to -90°C and the ice reaches at extremely higher level.

Best Prices

The cruise prices may vary from trip to trip depending upon the cabin type, season, days to spend etc. As mentioned earlier summer is the most suitable season to visit. The months of December and January can cost you much more than the other months. If you are looking for the cheapest prices the best months are March or April.

Trip Duration

10-11-Day Trip: When it comes to finding a cruise, you will find a variety of types which will cost you differently as per the number of days you are planning to spend. The most popular destination is Ushuaia to Antarctica Peninsula where you can spend around 10-11 days. You will spend at least 5 days in water and the rest on the continent.

20-22-Days Trip: If you wish to spend more days, you can choose a 22-day long trip which will cover Georgia Island, Falkland Island and Antarctica. This type of trip would surely cost you almost double around 12000 US Dollars. So you must decide if you wish to go for a short or long trip.

Cruise Ship

According to international rules, a ship can allow 100 passengers to land on a continent at a given time which simply means if there are more passengers on your ship, you can be either part of the first group of 100 passengers or second. In case, you’re in second, you will have to wait for the first one to come back to the ship. Therefore, if you choose a ship with less than 100 passengers, you can get rid of the trouble of long wait.

Secondly, whenever the ship reaches to land, you can enjoy landing too. Though this will increase your chances of having more time but on the other hand, you also need to keep in mind that the low budget cruise might not bring you more entertainments. The large ship usually provides kayaking, snowshoe, camping and skiing.

Where to Get Last Minute Deals?

Most of the ships leave for Antarctica from Ushuaia, Argentina which is considered to be the best option for departure because of much lower prices than the other ports in other countries like Hobart in Australia and Bluff in New Zealand. The best thing about Ushuaia is that you can easily find various agencies which will give you last minute deals so you just need to visit their office and get a deal for you and your family.

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