7 Countries That Must Be on Your Word-Tour Itinerary

Traveling is a beautiful way of relaxing and just let loose. Each country has its unique scenery and sites that can excite you. But some just jump and stand out. You should explore various parts of the world and enjoy the diverse beauties of Mother Nature. The countries listed below all have that unique factor that makes them a tourism niche. Some are hidden gems that are definitely worth checking out.


Here you will find some of the most prominent beaches. They are covered with blue waters and hugged by white sand. The beautiful and extensive coastline allows you to enjoy the fantastic sea breeze from various locations. If you go to Hawaii, make it a point to visit the beautiful view of redwood forests and have a great walk in the one-of-a-kind theme parks.


You probably will not be able to cover all the parts of the country, but you will have a beautiful story to tell after viewing various historical sites and interacting with people from diverse cultures. If you love hiking, India’s topography offers many destinations for this. Many people travel to India from Australia to see amazing temples and enjoy swimming at the beautiful beaches. But India has a lot more to offer.


On arriving Kenya, you will be welcomed by hospitable, smiley and happy people. They have a deep and diverse culture with so much heritage. Kenya is considered the cradle of life, and you can see why life decided to start here. You will be tempted to remain to enjoy the sandy beaches and climbing famous mountains. You will also come across various wild animals that most probably you have never set your eyes on in real life. Vast areas of savanna, alluring hills, and virgin tropical beaches are other features that you will encounter.


France is defined as the country of love. Couples flock here every year to rekindle their love. The excellent weather gives you a place to relax and enjoy nature during spring. The finger-licking delicacies will make you a beautiful story to tell once you leave. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous city icons in the world, a trip to France wouldn’t be complete without witnessing this wonder.


Being considered as one of the most lavish countries in the world, you can be sure to have the ultimate tour experience. From beautiful nature parks, breathtaking waterfalls, steep-sided mountain ranges, your travel will be one of a kind. The city of Melbourne is prominent as the best place to shop, watch live games as well as a host of major fine food restaurants.


If you are cuisine enthusiast, then Spain is one of the places that you should consider most for touring. You will enjoy the best if you visit in April when the weather is at its best. The white-sand beaches, beautiful islands, wildlife, national parks, monoliths, barrier reefs and unique building structures will take your breath away.


With diverse and unique culture, beautiful beaches, and ultra clear aqua seas and alluring landscape, you can’t afford to doubt the beauty of this country. You can even use public means to move around. The traditional foods are also cooked to awesome taste.

Having fun, create beautiful memories, meet new people and know various parts of the world are things everyone should live long enough to do. Making a point of visiting these beautiful places works as a therapy. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after the holiday trip.

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